[Capilano University] Student Nominated For USA Film Award

A 4th-year student at Capilano University is having another one of his film’s celebrated again! Kama Sood is a film student, at the School of Motion Picture Arts, and created his films through the Off the Grid program. The student director has been nominated for the Oregon Short Film Festival for his new film, Glory Days. This comes recently after his previous film, The Bus Stop, was presented at a variety of film venues such as Vancouver Short Film Festival, National Film Festival for Talented Youth, Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival and more!

Oregon Short Film Festival

The Oregon Short Film Festival is a bi-annual event celebrating short film creators in Portland, Oregon. All types of films and screenplays are welcome, from Drama to Dark Comedy, Documentary to Science Fiction, Romantic Comedy to Horror Films and much more.  The judges search for films that have engaging content, good acting, creativity, strong production value. They also look for great stories to entertain the Portland audience in a fun, short program at a great venue. 4th year student from Capilano University, Kama Sood, has recently been nominated for the festival for his film, Glory Days.

Kama Sood, Capilano Student and Filmmaker

Glory Days

Glory Days is the film that landed Sood a nomination at the Oregon Festival. The film is about the story of Tommy Young, a washed-up rockstar who works in a guitar shop with his long time friend, Ty. Tommy is refusing to accept the person he once was, he cannot acknowledge his past in any way. He is not even acknowledging his own music. When a mysterious young woman starts to question Tommy on his past, he must to come to terms with the details of himself and his past which are not ideal to him.

The Bus Stop

Sood’s previous film, The Bus Stop, introduces the audience to a protagonist, Michelle, who is a mom of older children and now looking to rejoin the workforce. She struggles to balance the different elements of her life, including her children, job and elderly mother with dementia. On the whole, the film seeks to address the “sandwich generation” of women who care for both children and older generations. The varying ethnicities in the family also contribute to the pressure the main character feels.

Prior to release, The Bus Stop screened at multiple venues including the Whistler Film Festival (Best Student Film Award), Vancouver Short Film Festival, National Film Festival for Talented Youth, Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival (Best North American Short Film Award), Oniros Film Awards (Best Student Film Award), Leo Awards (Best Student Film nomination), New York City International Reel Film Festival and the Canadian Diversity Film Festival. It also received praise and admiration from the North Shore Dementia Awareness committee.

International students with a passion for directing, take note! You bring unique experiences and culture to film screens in Canada. This could earn you showing at top venues and festivals. Additionally, Capilano University is well-known for its film programs. So, if that’s your passion, look no further than their stunning North Vancouver campus for your academic and creative adventure!

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