[Kootenay Lake] Amazing Nature Programs (and more!) from Kootenay District

The Kootenay Lake School District covers all areas of learning through their incredibly unique Academy program offerings! From outdoor wilderness activities to volleyball and rugby and everything else you could imagine, it’s available. International students will have the experience of a lifetime learning English, experiencing BC’s amazing natural playgrounds, and dancing to their heart’s content at Kootenay Lake School District.

Biking Academy

A unique opportunity awaits in this particular corner of British Columbia; students can learn all about mountain biking. In this Academy, students learn various skills surrounding the world of mountain biking, the skills learned are comprehensive and are more than just biking. This includes riding skill development, wilderness first aid, grant application writing and implementation, bike mechanics, and sustainable trail design. The program is interdisciplinary in nature and is suited to bikers of all levels.

Dance Academy

The Dance Academy is a one-year long program where students learn advanced technique classes in ballet and modern dance technique, with the choreography in grades 10-12. International students staying for only a year will need to complete the program in a linear fashion, whereas those staying for more than a year can complete the two semesters of dance in different years.

Performance and Media Academy

The Performance and Media Academy allows those students with a passion for project-based learning and media to work on their own individual projects over a term or more! This experience is a great way to get experience in media before entering university or a professional setting; it’s a great addition to any resume as it demonstrates passion and initiative. Creative arts students, take note of this great Academy!

Rugby Academy

LV Rogers Rugby Academy continues to be popular at the provincial and national levels. So, learners in the Rugby Academy have even gone onto playing at post-secondary institutions and club teams. Also, the Rugby Academy is open to all students and runs for the full year. Thus, international students in a 2-semester academic program or more, are eligible.

Volleyball Academy

Volleyball Academy in the Kootenay Lake District runs at two levels: junior and senior. So, in the junior program, grades 9-10 students enhance their level of play and understanding of the game. Meanwhile, seniors in grades 11-12 are much more focused on refining skills and becoming more knowledgeable about strategic aspects.

Valhalla Wilderness Program from Kootenay Lake

The Valhalla Wilderness Program is well-known and has won awards; it’s the only program of its kind operating in BC. So, this unique Academy is great for students with an interest in the outdoors, and who are capable of achieving high academic standards. How it works is that the academic curriculum is taught in combination with a number of wilderness activities. For example, backpacking, mountain biking, canoeing and kayaking, ski touring, winter camping, and rock climbing. All in all, students will spend approximately 60% of school time in classrooms, and the remaining 40% in the field doing fun activities!

Kootenay Lake School District has it all! Imagine kayaking all morning to then learn about invasive species in the afternoon. In this school district, that is an option, and it’s not the only one. The diversity in Academies at the Kootenay Lake School District is amazing and well worth looking into for prospective international students – it’s likely one of the Academies available will meet your interests!

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