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In Langley School District, the standard elementary and secondary programs are not the only options for students. Here, you are free to explore your talents by choosing one of 5 specialty programs – these include advanced placement, International Baccalaureate, Fine Arts, Sports Academy, and the Fundamental Program. If you’re an international student that is great academically, with sports, or at art, be sure to speak to your school counselor further about these options.

Advanced Placement (AP) Options in Langley

Advanced placement courses are offered to students in grades 10 through 12. So, they allow students to take university-level courses in high school. So, after the course, students who receive a 3 or above will get university credit for that course – a great way to save money on your university courses! Some of the advanced placement courses offered at Langley schools include English Literature, Psychology, History, Studio Art,  Calculus, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

There are numerous benefits to taking advanced placement courses during your high school years, even as an international student. Some of the benefits of this particular program are below:

  • Shortens time spent in university, thus enabling time to spend pursuing other interests, e.g. double major, minors, certificates
  • Prepares students for university expectations and study habits
  • Improves writing skills and problem-solving techniques
  • Increases eligibility for scholarships and appeals to universities

International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

If you’re an international student looking to study at a university outside of Canada or outside your home country upon graduation, this is the program for you! The International Baccalaureate is well-suited to students with plans to study abroad after high school. In Langley, students can pursue a pre-International Baccalaureate program in their junior grades, and then take the full International Baccalaureate in their senior grades. And, upon graduation, be ready to be choose from university offers from schools around the world.

Fine Arts Program

Are you an international student with a passion for art, dance and/or acting? If yes, the Fine Arts Program in Langley may be perfect for you. In Langley schools, arts are of a value equal to academic courses. Also, you can start pursuing your Fine Arts concentration right from elementary school – but beware spaces are few. After you complete the concentration, be sure to apply to some top tier arts schools, many Langley students have already been accepted.

Sports Academy Program

Langley School District offers two different Sports Academy Programs – baseball and hockey. Here, students receive professional coaching, practice and game opportunities, strength and conditioning training and theory, nutrition education, sports psychology, and post-secondary planning. So, it is a great opportunity for students who are hoping to pursue a career on a professional sports team, or in sports science.

Fundamental Program at Langley School District

Finally, the last specialty program available in Langley School District is the Fundamental Program. This particular program focuses on the cores of education – numeracy, literacy, grammar, phonics, handwriting, and spelling. Also, in the upper grades, this includes information technology. Additionally, the emphasis is on the development of respect and responsibility, a strong work ethic and basic skills. Students in this program can expect to receive a quality education and to be all-around students, capable in many subjects.

Langley is keen to offer you a variety of options. They understand that education does not have to solely be about the same core requirements found everywhere – you can tailor your education to suit you by choosing one of these programs. If you like art, sports, or academically challenging courses, be sure to look further into these options.

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