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River East Transcona school is ready to give students the high school experience they want, full of discovery, learning, and exploration! At River East Transcona, students and international students complete all their core requirements but are also able t take a number of different specialized courses. These include courses in music, drama, arts, technology and computer science, amongst so many more! For example, courses as unique as Climate Control Technology are available for students who wish to explore the field.

Curriculum Overview

River East Transcona school follows the mandate of the Province of Manitoba concerning education. All their teachers are professionals in the field, with university and government certification, and generally a specialization in their area of teaching.

River East Transcona goes above and beyond this pre-set education program; they are an innovator in educational programming. So, students are able to combine their core courses with specialized programs in a number of different fields, from information technology to dramatic arts. For students, this is a phenomenal opportunity! They can explore a number of different courses and fields in order to help them determine what they may like to do later in life, either at university or directly into the job market.

High School Core Courses

At the senior high level, students can choose from a full range of courses in English (Literature and Contemporary Studies), Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Sciences (Sociology and Psychology), Social Studies (History and Geography), Human Ecology, Business, Management, and Law, amongst numerous others. These are all fundamental subjects that will help students succeed in any respective field they chose to go into later on in life.

Specialized Courses

River East Transcona is proud to offer Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs for students with above-average grades. And, these students gain credits for these courses at the post-secondary level.

Additionally, River East Transcona is a leading school in Manitoba partly due to its provision of curriculum offerings in Information Technology (IT). Some of the IT course offerings can be found below:

  • Computer Science Programming
  • Website Design and Animation
  • Multimedia Production
  • Micro-Computer Technician
  • Skills
  • Hardware Installations
  • Input/Output
  • Devices, RAM Installation and Networking of Digital Devices.

Moreover, the programs below are innovative specialized courses for all students, including international students. Even if you are brand new to the subject area, this is okay since the amazing teachers of River East Transcona are ready to help you learn!

  • Photography
  • Fashion Design Technology
  • Robotics
  • Metals Fabrication
  • Climate Control Technology
  • Biomedical Internships
  • Visual Communication
  • Music Production Technology
  • Culinary Arts

The Music Production Technology program, in particular, has had talented students traveling internationally to showcase their talents. Furthermore, Dramatic Arts and other music program graduates have done tremendously well and have gone on to become amazing professionals in their field, both in Canada and in the USA.

At River East Transcona, your options are limitless! Students with a passion for computer science can take their core requirements alongside courses such as Website Design and Animation, Multimedia Production and Micro-Computer Technician. Meanwhile, artistic students are welcome to take courses suited to their talents, such as Photography or Fashion Design Technology. There truly is something for everyone at River East Transcona. 

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