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Aberdeen Hall is an independent school situated in British Columbia’s interior, providing a sense of community and opportunities for personal and collective growth. Their newest addition will be an Athletics and Wellness Centre, providing a space for athletics, arts and school assemblies. This idea emerged from community feedback and has been embraced by the school and their chosen architecture firm.

Athletics and Wellness Centre Overview

In 2018, the community helped plan the vision for the future of Aberdeen Hall. One priority that stood out among the rest was the need for a gym facility appropriate for Aberdeen Hall’s growing population. The proposal for a new gym was an astounding idea; it provides a space for team sports, a space to develop a culture of fitness and healthy living, a space for student life such as dances and assemblies and so much more. The center will be a space of friendship, community, and personal growth. This is the next step in fulfilling the vision for Aberdeen Hall.

Benefits of the Centre to Students

The Athletics and Wellness Centre will provide a number of benefits not only to students but to the wider community as well. These benefits include the following and much more:

  • Expanded space for PE and exercise programs after school
  • A space for team bonding and training
  • New facilities for games, assemblies and artistic performances
  • Rooftop garden to promote socializing and wellness
  • An amazing spectator experience in each gym and arena, fitting up to 825 people
  • Provide a space for community gatherings and foster connections

As the center opens more benefits are sure to become more apparent as time goes on. Students will have access to amazing new spaces where they can continue growing as individuals and foster growth for others as well.

Facilities in the Centre

Aberdeen Hall will feature the following spaces, all with the goal of serving the students and wider community:

  • Arts Room – Will be purpose-built to serve students and teachers alike. This will help the students to flourish and perform for the community in artistic fields.
  • Rooftop Pavillion – The rooftop will serve as a great outdoor space for all, giving everyone the opportunity to take quick breaks and nature and meet with friends during breaks.
  • Show Court – Here, they will host games at any level from junior teams to internationally recognized tournaments. Hosting home tournaments will ideally drive school spirit up and provide a great experience for all spectators.
  • Double Gymnasium – This will be an essential space for the PE program to instruct. The ability to host acting or musical performances and school-wide events such as assemblies and closing ceremonies will be a central feature.
  • Weight Room and Fitness Studio – Here students will focus on improving both their mental and physical health through cardio, weightlifting and aerobics classes.

Aberdeen Hall’s newest addition will elevate the sense of the community on campus, foster team connection and growth, and elevate the experience of all students. Wellness, athletics, and wellbeing will combine in this outstanding new space for students and spectators alike. The excitement of current and future students must be soaring!

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