[Coquitlam School District] Robot Teachers for STEM Students

 Coquitlam School District works regularly with Finger Food Advanced Technology Group now, providing robot teaching services to students. Also, the two robots, Pepper and Sphero are now assisting in STEM learning in multiple classrooms across the district, exciting students about STEM, science, technology, engineering, and math. International students and domestic students are benefitting from this unique learning environment.

Coquitlam School District and Finger Food Advanced Technology Group

Previously, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Michael Hind, gave introductions to the Superintendent of Coquitlam School District about Finger Food Advanced Technology Group. The Finger Food group is present locally but is rapidly evolving into a global innovator.

School District 43 became a partner of Finger Food Advanced Technology Group with a desire to partner on STEM learning initiatives. This partnership became an outstanding opportunity for a great community partnership that lead to the introduction of Sphero robotic equipment in schools.

Benefits of Sphero robotic teachers to students

Sphero robotic equipment is now in close to 50 elementary schools in Coquitlam. The Sphero robots will help provide students with an introductory coding experience in STEM classes. Also, with the opportunity to practice the BC Core Competencies of Critical and Creative Thinking. The donated robots from Finger Food will help teachers with much-needed capacity and program development. In turn, the School District took on the role of preparing the deployment of robot assistants to assist students. This was done through the development of effective classroom activities before launching Sphero.

Next will be the Pepper robot, appearing in School District 43. This particular robot will help assist in computer programming and critical thinking. This will occur while working with the latest in technological capabilities first-hand and applying that technology in creative ways.

Both of these innovative robot assistants will be made available to many schools including Scott Creek Middle School, and É​cole Kwayhquitlum Middle School. Two more units will be available at Winslow Centre for schools to book and visit.

Robotic assistance in classrooms could be the future, providing excitement and an innovative learning experience for students. So, thanks to the partnership between Coquitlam School District and Finger Food Group, students and international students in Coquitlam innovative learning will continue in Coquitlam. This will help students and the company grow.

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