[Langara College] Photography Classes Go Virtual!


In light of the new COVID-19 pandemic, many schools have been transitioning their courses to online delivery. This is no exception for Langara College, who is shifting more complex electives, such as photography online as well. Without access to the course cameras, students will now be learning how to take amazing, high-quality photos on their iPhones! Also, international students can capture great photos of Canada, simply from their mobile phones.

Photography Goes Online During COVID

Langara runs an incredibly popular photography class, Photography 1100, that regularly would use  DSLR cameras. The instructor for the course this year, Sara McIntyre, has opted for students to use iPhones for now. The course has transitioned over to mobile photography! Something already popular amongst many young adults.

So, Sara McIntyre further comments on the transition, citing it as the best way to finish the course in light of the current pandemic

“A mobile-phone-based version of PHOT1100 is something we’ve considered in the past, but I guess it took a pandemic to turn those ideas into reality,” said Stewart, over Zoom. “Still, mobile phone cameras today are so powerful and there are so many tools and apps out there.” Stewart said the course will cover long exposure and painting with light, or how to set up studio photography in your own home, as just a few examples. Students will be learning more than they ever expected!

Stewart is ready to push back on the notion of mobile phone cameras as amateur tools. If used correctly and creatively, they can be amazing tools. “We’ve started using the hashtag #PHOT100mobile to showcase the incredible work currently and past students have made with their phones,” he said. “I know it’s a strange time, but I’m excited to be able to offer a course that empowers students to unlock their phone’s artistic potential, especially now.”

“Creativity can also be a survival tool in times of great stress,” says McIntyre from her living room office. “I’m looking forward to the opportunity to help students express themselves visually, using tools they have already have.”

About Langara

Langara College is located in Vancouver and serves students at all stages of their academic journeys. The college offers over 1,700 courses and 130 programs, many of which can transfer over to other degree programs. This extensive breadth and depth of courses mean the college offers something for everyone! Langara is celebrating its 49th year on West 49th Avenue with Beyond 49, an integrated celebration, alumni engagement, and fundraising campaign to reconnect with alumni and raise funds for student support and important College initiatives.

Langara’s professors are getting creative in a time of unprecedented changes. Sara McIntyre, a photography professor, has transitioned her students online, and they are now using their mobile phones to complete the course project! What a creative solution and students will learn to take stunning photos, without a very expensive camera.

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