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Munro Academy is an amazing Christian school in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, along the stunning east coast. The school ensures students get all the support they need to learn English and about their faith. They even allow parents to come to stay with students during the experience at Munro; they often participate in fun adventures with their homestay families, including making meals, having parties and playing games.

About Munro Academy

Munro Academy is an independent Christian private school that began in 2009 in Nova Scotia, Canada. The institute’s mission is to provide educational excellence with a Christ-centred worldview.​ This includes seeking to do all of the following:

  • Develop world-changers
  • Inspire students to learn and love it.
  • Cultivate critical thinking and disciplined responsibility.
  • Provide a supportive, loving educational community where healthy life and relational choices are modelled and made.
  • Educate students from any faith background or none from a distinctly Christian worldview.
  • Provide opportunities for students to decide to follow Jesus and to grow through discipleship and service.
  • Partner with parents and churches in the educational process.
  • Promote Christian unity in Cape Breton.

Munro Academy hopes to prepare its students for the rest of their lives, from their careers, families and their faith.


Munro Academy is located in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. This is an amazing Canadian location that was even awarded the “Top Island Destination in North America” in 2011 (Travel and Leisure Magazine). The island includes the small city of Sidney which is the intellectual, industrial and cultural hub of Cape Breton. The city includes amazing features for tourists such as beach front, boardwalks and a marina. Munro Academy’s elementary campus is just 8 minutes away from the cheerful town. Specifically, it is located so that it looks out over the Atlantic Ocean. You can watch the ferries come and go, while the wildlife wanders by.

Family Program

The international family program is a great opportunity for parents hoping to stick close to their children while they’re learning in Canada. Mothers and fathers can accompany their child(ren) to Munro Academy’s full English immersion elementary schooling program. Families and homestay families can get together often to enjoy fun activities together including making meals, attending parties, and playing games. All are great ways to foster connections between both families and to see amazing parts of Nova Scotia.

International Program

Students studying in the international program at Munro Academy will receive personal support from certified ESL teachers in both English and other academic courses. The students meet the teachers one-on-one daily in case they need any extra help or support with schoolwork. Additionally, there are opportunities to learn experientially; students will practice their English and learn about Canada. This will occur through a wide variety of experiences such as field trips, outdoor adventures, sports and arts programs, and much more.

Munro Academy is the perfect spot for Christian students looking to improve upon their English and experience the amazing Canadian east coast. Students are well taken care of in a class by teachers, and by their parents and homestay families when not in the classroom. So, fun mixes with studying well here, students can even practice their skills out on field trips around Cape Breton.

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