[Stenberg College] Interested in Early Childhood Education Online Program?


Stenberg College is a private college in Surrey, British Columbia, which offers many hands-on programs including Business, Nursing, and Education (and more!). It has over 25 years of experience in delivering exceptional education to both domestic and international students in Canada. One of their exceptional programs is available online, that is the Early Childhood Basic Certificate. There is a multitude of other courses available online for students as well during COVID 19 and during standard school years.

Available Online Programs:

  • Early childhood education basic certificate *co-op must be completed in Canada (see below)
  • Business Diploma marketing specializations – can be completed fully online
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Canadian Nursing *Co-op must be completed in Canada

Class Style:

  • Live/ Interactive video lectures (recording available after class; however, students must participate a minimum of80% of the course to pass) where students can get a real-time response from profs through Blackboard Collaborate
  • Recorded video and voice sessions
  • Individual or group assignments/ projects
  • Quiz/ mid/ final through moodle
  • Google office (doc sheets slides) is also used for class

Why are their online programs unique?

Students can start studies first without receiving their study permit. They do not need to pay tuition upfront; tuition is due upon the study permit. As soon as travel restrictions change for good, students can join in-person courses; if the situation does not change and the whole class needs to be done online, they can pay tuition once completing 50% of the course. If their visa gets denied in the middle of the semester and if they didn’t complete half of the course or didn’t pay tuition, they do not owe any money from the school (Admin and course material fees are not refundable).

Early Childhood Education (ECE) basic certificate: 

Stenberg College has been running this program for more than a decade. This program runs for 46 weeks (11 months), and it is qualified by the BC ECE Registry. After completing 4 courses (after completing ECE 205), students can apply for ECE assistant qualification. This means they can work part-time in the field while studying.

This program runs on weekdays from 9 am to 2 pm so students can work part-time after school. This ECE basic program includes 8 weeks of practicum in two different settings, such as daycare and preschool, which areset upby the college. Students also have an option to add Co-op for 23 weeks, which would lead the program to 69 weeks in total. The ECE basic program requires students to have IELTS 6.0 or more. However, Stenberg also offers ESL programs for students with lower IELTS scores; for students with IELTS 5.5, 12 weeks of ESL lessons are available and for students with IELTS 5.0, 12+12=24 weeks of ESL lessons are available. This program would let students have a higher chance of getting into the new Home Child-Care Provider Pilot for immigrating to Canada.

The Early Childhood Education Basic Certification is a great option for international students looking to pursue an education program entirely online! Stenberg offers an amazing program to students that takes only 11 months to complete and includes course hours between 9am-2pm only on weekdays, giving students an abundance of time for work or other activities. At Stenberg, their amazing reputation for teaching and fieldwork programs shines through even in digital courses, and they are a reputable option for future child educators!

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