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[Munro Academy] A Great Christian Academy – Just Ask the Students!


Munro Academy is an independent, Christian school in Nova Scotia. At Munro, educators seek to provide students with a supportive, loving educational community. Here, students explore critical thinking and writing, learn to love learning, and develop their Christian faith or learn from a Christian perspective. The institute has been a smashing success amongst international students and their families, with many students and parents like expressing their love of the school.

Student/Parent Testimonials – Munro Academy

Grade 8 (14 year old) boy:

I enjoyed my experience during the ESL camp. I made new friends and experienced what I can never do in Japan. What I like about my new life in Canada is my everyday life where I can talk to many people in English. It was difficult in the beginning, but I got to adjust and there was joy every day.

What I like about Munro Academy are lessons, the time I spend with my friends and my school life. During lunchtime, after we finish eating, we play basketball, volleyball, badminton and many other sports in the gym. I have a Chinese friend, a Korean friend and some Canadian friends, too. They are all nice and talk to me a lot, so they are good friends.

What I like in Canada is I am learning how to play the guitar. My teacher is a guitarist, and he is very good at playing the guitar. His lessons are very clear and enjoyable. I also sometimes play as a music band, and at home, I work out and do some exercises. My English has been improved since I came to Canada. The host family members are always nice, and they are like my mother. My host family has a Gr.10 boy. I sometimes play music with him. He plays the bass guitar, and I play the drums. I think my host family is the best. I enjoy my life in Canada.

MA Graduate (2017/18) girl:

First, the English Camp is good because the class only had a small number of students soI could ask questions in class. Also, the small group made it easy to make friends. There were a lot of opportunities to try in nature, like hiking, fishing and horse riding. What I remember the most about my life in Canada is the everyday life I spent with my homestay family. I enjoyed eating and having a conversation with them. I also remember hiking in many places surrounded by nature. Also, what I like about Munro Academy is the school day starts in the chapel. Also, I like Munro Academy, it has a SEA club, drama club, track and field club, and many other opportunities for students.

I have a lot of memories with my friends at Munro Academy, not only about my school life but also the mission trip to Kenya. I still keep in touch with them, so I would like to thank Munro Academy for it. My English skills have got a lot better, since before I came to Canada. The reason for it is that I had to communicate with family and friends every day, and my school teachers were great with checking my essays. The host family treated me really well, cooked me delicious dishes and gave me a good environment for studying. Every time they have family gatherings, they also take me there, I highly appreciate it. I felt comfortable and relaxed staying home. Personally I think this is the best host family ever.

Parent Testimonial (2 daughters attended in 2017/18 and 2014):

During the ESL camp, the teachers not only taught English perfectly but also let my daughters experience great nature they couldn’t have in Japan. For example, they did kayaking and went driving in the cave trail surrounded by great nature. I appreciate the school, my daughters were able to study in nature with a beautiful ocean and eagles flying in the sky, which they can never imagine having in Japan.

Regarding the friendship, the host family had children who became friends with my daughters, and in the school and community, because they go to church, they made friends there as well. They had no discrimination or prejudice and welcomed my daughters. I think this is a precious experience for them. My oldest daughter flew to Canada first. In the community with a host family, school teachers and church friends, their ways of treating my daughter such that they would say “You are important to us, and you are doing a great job” made her feel healed and I think this experience changed her. After she came back to Japan, everyone around her says her face and facial expression has completely been changed and that she looks like a completely different person who is charming and has confidence.

Regarding her English level, of course she can now speak English fluently and has been working in Japan using English. The other daughter also went to Munro Academy in Canada. In Japan, she was studying at a semi-international school where her friends were fluent in English, and she felt she should go beyond the limits to make herself better, which is why she came to Canada. After she came back to Japan, she had no problem with English and her IELTS score has improved, too. With the improved score, she is applying for universities in the US, not Japan.

As a parent, I was worried about communication with the host family and the environment there, but whenever I wanted to know how my daughters were doing, the school staff would reply to all the questions and gave me very thorough information on how they were doing, which gave me relief. Munro Academy is not only about studying and is a great school. In Canada with its nature, all teachers are warm and treat each and every student well at this considerate school so that students can have a safe school life and train their potential as human beings.

Munro Academy Meets Student and Parent Needs Alike

Evidently, Munro Academy has been very successful at meeting the needs and desires of its students and families alike! The unique setting of nature, great homestay families, and helpful lessons with thorough and kind teachers ensures every child has the experience of a lifetime while attending the school. Munro continues to provide international families with unforgettable experiences and knowledge that they can bring into future educational settings or the workplace, wherever they choose to across the world.



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