[RRU and VFS] 2 Credentials, 2 Schools, and 2 Cities!


International students who have an interest in film, video game design, and other creative digital arts, there is now a fast-track degree option for you in Canada! Royal Roads University (RRU) and Vancouver Film School (VFS) are offering a transfer pathway program for graduates of a diploma program at VFS can now enter RRU, receiving both a diploma and a bachelor’s degree in 2 years minimum. 2 credentials in just 2 years, and in 2 cities!

The Pathway Option – 2 Credentials in 2 Years

Royal Roads University (RRU) has recently created a transfer pathway option for students from Vancouver Film School (VFS). This particular transfer allows students meeting the explicit qualifications to transfer into the third year of the Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication (BAPC) at Royal Roads University. Having this transfer option is a major advantage for students as they can earn both a VFS production diploma and RRU bachelor’s degree in as little as 2 years time.

“Transfer agreements are really good for the students because it gives them credit for the education they’ve received at another institution and allows them to use that education towards getting a four-year degree and moving on with their career,” says BAPC Program Head Chaseten Remillard.

“This pathway partnership offers unparalleled value for VFS students wanting to earn an undergraduate degree and join the thriving creative economy,” says Scott Steiger, director of international admissions and business development for VFS. “Royal Roads University’s innovative BAPC program enhances VFS graduates’ educational experience for those seeking careers in public relations, advertising, journalism, marketing, or corporate, technical or web-based communication.”

Admission Process into RRU

So, students applying through this particular pathway should possess one of four VFS diploma programs – Acting for Film and Television, Digital Design, Film Production, or Writing for Film and Television. Any of these diploma credentials will work well for transfer. These diploma programs are one year in length at VFS. Further, these students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0/4.33. All previous credits will then be automatically accepted by RRU.

Once students arrive at RRU, they have the choice of doing courses on campus entirely. Or, they can combine some online classes with in-person classes. Also, the combination of online and in-person classes will take 2 years to complete. This is in comparison to the 1-year program if the courses are all done in-person.

“A lot of students come to our program with many technical abilities but need the forward-thinking that strategy and theory provide — that’s the real advantage of this transfer agreement,” Remillard says. “You bridge the two which takes the students’ employment prospects and creative projects to the next level.”

About RRU

Royal Roads University is a public school in Victoria, BC. The institution offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees across numerous subject areas. Further, students attending RRU can choose to take courses online or in-person for many programs. They’ll also experience a progressive form of postsecondary education, designed to meet student needs as students see them. For professionals, RRU has a number of professional and continuing studies programs available as well.

About VFS

Vancouver Film School is a vibrant school in the heart of Vancouver’s Gastown, a playground for the creative at heart. The school offers a wide-ranging and immersive curriculum across diverse areas. These include film, animation, video game production, VR/AR development, motion, and interactive design, programming, art/production foundation, and other related programs. Further, the institution has a great reputation for providing high-quality education in short time frames. VFS gets students ready for the job market quickly.

Students through this transfer program can receive two credentials in 2 years, from 2 amazing Canadian schools. Plus, those participating in the transfer program will have the pleasure of living in Vancouver for the first year, and Victoria for the second. Or, they may choose to do the RRU portion online, which is okay as well. All in all, 2 credentials, 2 schools, and in 2 years is a program to be excited about!

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