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The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program operates in numerous smaller regions across Canada. This pilot operates in the West Kootenays and Thunder Bay as well, this is a region in British Columbia with employment opportunities in areas such as trade, industry, human services and environmental conservation and protection. So, if you’re seeking employment and Permanent Residence in Canada, consider this pilot and especially consider the West Kootenays region of British Columbia!

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot and West Kootenays

The West Kootenay Region (including Nelson, Castlegar, Trail, Rossland, and surrounding areas) is an area of opportunity that benefits tremendously from the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is a community-driven program. It’s available to spread the benefits of economic immigration to smaller communities by creating a path to permanent residence for skilled foreign workers.

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Requirements

Some of the requirements necessary for the Rural and Immigration Pilot in the West Kootenay Region are as follows:

1. Ensure that you meet the federal eligibility requirements – To be eligible for the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, applicants must possess qualifying work experience or have graduated from a public post-secondary institution in the recommending community. Further, applicants must meet or exceed the educational and language requirements. Finally, applicants must meet community-specific criteria including proof of finances, and the intention to live in the community.

2. Find Full-time employment in the Community – Applicants must have a job in the chosen community; this can be found through Indeed or Kootenay Jobs. Further, applicants must have their employers fill out the Offer of Employment Form and Employment Declaration Form.

3. Ensure that you meet the Community Based Criteria – There will be an assessment done to ensure you and your family are suitable for the community and have substantial ties after you receive Permanent Residency, this assessment is based on the community criteria.

4. Complete the Schedule 1 Rural and Northern Immigration (IMM 5911) -So, this is a simple form that must be done as part of your requirements.

5. Submit your application form – All necessary documentation must be submitted including:

      • The completed IMM 5984 (Offer of Employment) form
      • Your language assessment results
      • Work experience documentation (reference letter, pay stubs, etc.)
      • Educational assessment
      • Employer Declaration Form

6. Submit additional and supplementary information -Supplementary information should also be sent in including evidence of previous work experience, proof of residence, family information, and family residents you intend to add to your PR application.

How Selkirk College can help you get into the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

Community Support Worker Associate Certificate 

The West Kootenay Region has numerous jobs open for human resources employees, homelessness prevention workers, and employment counsellors. So notably, to achieve positions like this, consider taking these 6 courses in a certificate program at Selkirk College.

Carpentry Apprenticeship

West Kootenay, like many other rural and smaller regions, is seeing more and more development. Thus, skills in carpentry are a great asset in any future employee. At Selkirk, you can develop all the carpentry skills you need through the Carpentry Apprenticeship.


West Kootenay is full of some of the most pristine nature and is near some outstanding provincial parks. Additionally, development is occurring in the West Kootenays making planners a necessity to the region. A degree in geography from Selkirk can give you the knowledge and skills to manage parks, transportation, city development, and more depending on specializations.

Resort and Hotel Management

Due to the stunning natural environment surrounding the Kootenays, there is a significant amount of tourist influx into the region. The cities in this region will need resort and hotel managers to keep the tourist economy booming. So, the Resort and Hotel Management program at Selkirk will prep students to do just that, by teaching them tourism management, organizational leadership, and business communications.

Other programs at Selkirk College

Selkirk College offers a number of programs in diverse academic areas, including the following: business, environment and geomatics, human services, health, industry, and trades training and more. Also, the diverse areas mean there a number of skills available to learn. For an area like the West Kootenays, some of the most relevant programs could be in environment and geomatics, health, industry and trades as well as human services. So, if you’re considering the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot in the West Kootenays, education in one of these areas at Selkirk College would be an asset.

Selkirk College could really help you prepare for the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program. With programs across all fields, there are essential skills and knowledge available to students hoping to pursue the pilot program. For those considering the West Kootenays region, Selkirk’s programs in environment, health, human services, and diverse industries will be great assets.

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