[TWU] Work-Integrated Learning is Abundant at TWU!


Trinity Western University recognizes the importance of work-integrated learning during university, this is why they are now a part of Outcome Campus Connect. This is a platform that hosts experiential learning, internships and co-ops, and research opportunities for university students across Canada. The University recognizes these are ways of preparing students for the job market, and that connections made at these workplaces could mean a job coming straight out of university.

TWU’s Launch of Work-Integrated Learning

As COVID19 continues keeping students off of university campuses, it’s important students maintain access to work opportunities and specifically work-integrated learning.  Trinity Western University has taken the bold step of joining Outcome Campus Connect, a network of online experiential learning, skill development, and job opportunities.

“At Trinity Western University, we are committed to helping students discover and create a personalized vocation development plan that inspires from the first days on campus through graduation and beyond,” says Jenn Skelding, Executive Director, Learning Commons, Teaching & Learning, at Trinity Western University.

“Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is an essential piece of our commitment to experiential and embodied learning through our liberal arts education,” Skelding explains.

Students at Trinity Western University now have access to a number of opportunities. These include internships, co-ops, work placements, and research projects. Students can easily visit  https://www.outcomecampusconnect.ca/ and sign-up, or sign-in.

Skelding describes Trinity Western University’s work-integrated learning initiative as a “unique, creative way” for Trinity Western University’s students, alumni, and faculty to “network and work together with employers.”

The Benefits of Relevant Work Experience

Now more than ever, work opportunities throughout postsecondary education are incredibly important to job success after graduation. Through providing work-integrated learning, Trinity Western University is demonstrating its dedication to preparing students for the workforce. Connections and experience are assets for when students head out to begin job searching.

Further, work-integrated learning exposes students to knowledge and skill they wouldn’t otherwise acquire in the classroom. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with employers, ensuring they remember your name down the line when you graduate. This could give you access to a job right after you graduate.

Trinity Western students, make sure you’re taking advantage of these opportunities. Networking and experiential learning are your best bets in ensuring a job after you graduate. Outcome Campus Connect hosts a number of opportunities available for you, in your specific study area. So, what are you waiting for? Take up a meaningful position soon!

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