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[VCC] ECCE Diploma Opens for International Students

Vancouver Community College runs a reputable and excellent Early Childhood Education and Care (ECCE) program that previously was only available to domestic students. Now, international students are able to apply for the program. It is opening its doors to international students looking into the diploma come winter 2021. For international students with an interest in child education, health and care this program is a great start to a lifetime of helping others! A bonus, many jobs are opening in this field according to the10 year expected job openings which include 8,610 in B.C. (between 2019 and 2029).

Changes to the ECCE Diploma

Vancouver Community College will start admitting international students into the Early Childhood Education and Care Diploma program commencing Winter 2021. Students are able to begin applying for the program now. Previously, this particular diploma program was only open to VCC students that were domestic.

What Students Will Learn

Upon completion of the Early Childhood Education and Diploma program, students will have gained a ton of knowledge and skills relevant for early childhood education and care. For instance, this will include the ability to protect and promote the holistic safety of children between the ages of 2-6; they’ll be capable of ensuring that the psychological and physical health children is cared for always. Next, graduates of the diploma will have knowledge about how to use pedagogical narration to interpret and respond to every child’s needs as they arise. Further, the graduate will be ready to establish working relationships with family members and other community care service providers. They’ll continue maintaining those healthy relationships throughout their work. These skills and knowledge go hand in hand with further knowledge they’ll gain in management, administration, analysis and relationship-building.

What Students Can Expect

With the program commencing in winter 2021, it is hard to say what the primary mode of instruction will be due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. Regularly, the program includes a combination of lectures, presentations, discussions, practical exercises, and individual and group work. Further, the program includes field trips, guest speakers, as well as experience in the learning lab. Here, students go through simulations as well.

Some students may also choose to participate in a practicum program through VCC. In the practicum, students will be exposed to on-site support and supervision from college qualified instructors.

Admission Requirements

There are a few admission requirements students need to be aware of before applying. Here they are:

  • Admissions Requirements: Grade 12 graduation, and two letters of recommendations
  • English Requirements: IELTS 6.5 with no band less than 6.0, or equivalent

For international students with a passion for childcare, health and education, VCC’s ECCE program will not fall short of your expectations! International students can start enrolling now and commence their studies as early as winter 2021 – here, they will learn tons about child health, relationship building and teaching in a way that fosters development and growth in some of our youngest minds.

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