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Across sectors, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important – the deployment of AI will automate numerous tasks for companies. In light of this, students may want to consider BCIT’s new program in Artificial Intelligence Management. This program will prepare students well for the world of AI over the course of 2 years full time.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly common in every sector – from logistics to healthcare, retail, and beyond. In each of these sectors, artificial intelligence will help automate tasks and free up time for strategic work. In the future, it’s been suggested that 47% of jobs may become automated. So in order to do that each sector will need people to manage the artificial intelligence machines.

BCIT Artificial Intelligence Management

In response to the need for people very familiar with artificial intelligence the BCIT School of Business + Media has launched an Artificial Intelligence Management (AIM) option for its Business Information Technology Management (BITMAN) program.

This new program is, in fact, one of the only of its kind in Canada. The program is a two-year diploma program, full-time. And, it will ensure students graduate with knowledge in AI and machine learning management.

We created the Artificial Intelligence Management option curriculum to train entry-level AI management knowledge workers,” explained Malcolm Ferrier, BITMAN Program Head. “These job-ready business AI analysts will be prepared to help an organization design and implement artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business intelligence solutions.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated technology adoption across industries. In a time of such rapid digital transformation, the need for workers to be digital-savvy is more important than ever. The Artificial Intelligence Management option is an opportunity for learners to embrace change and reskill or upskill for a future-proof career,” said Phil Ramer, Associate Dean for Operations Management.

When students graduate, they will be knowledgeable of AI business models, AI ethics, and machine learning for business (supervised learning, neural networks, and deep learning). Further, job opportunities such as business AI Analyst, IT Project Manager, Business Intelligence Analyst, Web Entrepreneur, Cloud Application Developer will be available for recent grads.

Applying to the Program

Students wishing to pursue this program can apply for the fall intake of the Business Information Technology Management (BITMAN) program – Artificial Intelligence Management option. Before applying, students should also consider the Enterprise Systems Management option that is available.

Overall, it’s no secret automation is the way of the future. BCIT is a school that consistently paves the way for future technology and business. Thus, it should be no surprise that they’re deploying an innovative program. Students who want to be on the cutting edge of business and tech should consider the AI Management program.

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