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For international students who are keen on working with their hands, trades may be a great option! This field is growing substantially in Canada with new jobs opening consistently. Further, at Delta School District, those keen on learning can get going right away at the age of 15! In fact, starting training during the high school years will boast numerous benefits in terms of cost-saving, program shortening and possible scholarships!

Requirements for Future Trades Employees

For students with a passion for hands-on work, you can commence this in the Delta School District! To do this, students will need a few things in order to ensure a successful start. The first of these is permission from a parent/guardian; this is necessary because there are certain physical risks to the trades program, and it does occur during regular school hours. The next important piece for beginning on your trades journey is being someone who is willing to learn, and who is easily employable. This means having a good attitude, and listening to the teachers! Finally, students should also have a suitable employer in mind with someone who is willing to take them on as an apprentice.

Starting your Trades Training

In order to commence training in trades at the Delta School District, students must be at least 15 years of age. This means the earliest time students can start is during the summer before they commence their grade 11 studies. Of course, students can start at other times as well this is just the earliest option.

The Benefits

There are a number of different benefits to commencing your trades training during your high school years at Delta School District. First, the benefits linked to money and spending are immense, during high school you’ll complete at least 480 hours of paid work. You’ll also be eligible for a $1000 scholarship if you complete 900 working hours and maintain a C+ average in high school. Next, students who choose to commence their trades training early shorten the training time later on. Here, you earn credits and work hours that work toward your apprenticeship completion, and can even earn qualifications as a journeyperson. Finally, beginning in high school allows you to quickly set yourself up to earn a good wage later by adding the TRAIN in trades component before/after your work in trades to gain high employability skills.

Work Schedules

In terms of work schedules, students will be completing their trades work on weekends, weekday evenings and/or during school vacation periods.

Future Apprenticeships and Journey Person Roles

Generally, all apprenticeships require 3-4 levels of technical and work experience training. This usually amounts to about 3 or 4 years of learning. However, it’s important to note that requirements for graduation and entrance into new programs do vary depending on the trade, so it is important to check sites such as ITA to better understand your specific trade.

All in all, Delta School District is a great place to begin your training in the trades! Here, you can take advantage of free time to learn, make money and get a head start on your career at 15 years old. All you need is a passion to learn the skills, parent permission and someone to take you on as an apprentice, and then you are ready to get going on your journey.

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