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King’s University is a private, Christian university in Alberta’s capital city. Future and current international students may have an interest in the university as they are allowing Duolingo English test submissions for admission due to COVID19. Further, they offer a number of majors in both the arts and sciences that are achievable in 3 years minimum. 3-year bachelor’s programs are great for students looking into graduate studies or hoping to enter the job market quickly.

English Admission Requirements

Admission to King’s University is possible through 3 different pathways for English evaluation. First off, students are currently able to take the Duolingo English test in light of IELTS and TOEFL exam suspensions due to COVID19. Students who earn 110 or higher will receive full admission, while those earning between 100-109 will require English support in the first semester. Next, students can also satisfy the English requirement by completing the IELTS Academic Module with an overall score of 6.5, a minimum of 5.5 on each band. A last option would be to take the TOEFL iBT, earning an overall score of 88, a minimum score of 21 on each section.

If you satisfy these English proficiency requirements, you are well on your way to admission into Edmonton’s King’s University!

3-year Bachelors of Science at King’s University

King’s University boasts a number of 3-year bachelor degree programs in the sciences. Below are all the science majors that can be completed in 3 years minimum.

  • Biology – In the Biology major, students will uncover the way organisms function and their connections to other organisms. Students will complete labs, lectures, and tutorials and even attend an off-campus study experience should they choose to do so.
  • Chemistry – Chemistry students can create wonders out of the elements of the world. From medicine to structures, to solutions and foods, chemists can solve a number of problems across sectors with their abilities. When you enter this major, you’ll learn the basics and then specialize in a field further such as pollution, pharmacology, engineering and others.

Besides these majors, there are a number of minors in the sciences available at King’s University as well. For example, Kinesiology and Canadian Studies are both rewarding minors that can be done in 3 years.

3-year Bachelors of Arts at King’s University

There are also a number of arts majors at King’s University that can be finished in just 3 years! Below is a list of majors available, keep in mind there are minor and certificate options as well that may be just as valuable.

  • Education – Elementary – This Bachelor of Education will prepare prospective students for teaching children under the age of 12. Students in this program will gain an understanding of diverse subjects, lesson planning, and overall helping students love learning! There is also practicum experience available for students.
  • Education – Secondary – The secondary program is similar to the elementary program, but suited to teaching older children. Prospective teachers may want to consider pursuing a minor or double major in a subject area of interest to them so that they can confidently teach that to their future students.
  • History – This Bachelor of Arts is a great option for future educations, lawyers, historians or political scientists! Students in this program will learn to understand modern conflicts through the analysis of historical conflicts from around the world.
  • Music – Do you have immense musical talent? Want to be a composer or start your own band? In that case, the Bachelor of Music awaits your creativity and talent, get on the King’s stage soon.
  • Psychology – If you have a fascination for the human mind, including mental illness, learning, and child behaviour, psychology will definitely be fascinating for you. Future counselors, social workers, and psychologists, here is the major you should commence in.
  • Sociology – Examine the systemic organization of human interaction in a sociology major! If you’re passionate about social justice, such as exploring topics including systemic racism, gender equality, poverty, crime and more, you’ll want to hop into this interdisciplinary and fascinating major.

Choose King’s University!

3-year bachelor’s degrees? What a dream come true! King’s University is the place for you if you have an interest in faith-based education, completing your degree quickly, and living in a major Canadian city close to nature, cultural attractions, and a growing job market.

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