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The Mississauga Christian Academy (MCA) in Ontario is here to provide international students of all ages, levels and interests with a rewarding experience studying and living in Canada. So, the private school offers a number of programs from middle school, to kindergarten, and summer/winter short programs. Students who complete up to the middle school program will be more than ready to entire Ontario high schools, and later a great college or university! Further, MCA goes beyond academia by offering a number of student clubs and sports all year round.

MCA’s Location

Mississauga is a major Ontario city home to parks, well-known universities, an international airport, and in close proximity to famous tourist destinations such as Niagara Falls. Further, the city is only a short drive from Toronto as well as the USA border. All in all, it’s an ideal location for studying and experiencing Canadian culture and nature all in one trip!

Also, for the parents who may be worrying about their kids moving away, you’ll likely be happy to know that Mississauga has a very low crime rate and is one of Ontario’s safest cities to reside within.

Programs at MCA

The Academy boasts a number of programs for domestic and international students alike. To start, there are options available for all levels of education, ESL, and even summer and winter short programs for those considering longer-term study in Canada.

  • Junior & Senior Kindergarten: 3 to 4-year-olds
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Integrated ESL
  • Summer & Winter ESL Camps
  • After School Program

International Program Perks 

  • Caring and supportive homestay program.
  • Full ESL support.
  • 4% of the student body is international.
  • MCA has a very diverse student population.

About MCA

Mississauga Christian Academy (MCA) was founded in 1978 and has been dedicated to providing an excellent, caring, and student-centred education ever since. MCA serves a diverse student population and is focused on preparing young people for high school success. In addition, it offers quality education from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 and gives an exemplary 18:1 student to teacher ratio. MCA students are prepared to make a difference in their families, churches, and communities.

Why Choose MCA?

MCA doesn’t take school’s slogan lightly when MCA says that “This decision will last a lifetime” – MCA believes that a decision to send your child to MCA will last a lifetime and will prepare them for their lives in their homes, communities, continued education, and careers and all relationships.

  • Exemplary Small Class Size

First, MCA aims to keep the student to teacher ratios to a size that offers each student differentiated learning opportunities. Average class size of 18 students allows for greater individualized experience, more personalized assistance and better academic results.

  • Qualified Staff

Professional. Knowledgeable. Dynamic. Caring. Supportive. So, these five words are just some of the ways MCA describes teachers. All of the faculty are Ontario Certified Teachers and are passionate about their subject area and the students that they teach.

  • Student-Centred

MCA is committed to be student-centred! Thus, students feel empowered through the programs and embrace the“home away from home” environment. MCA provides multiple programs to encourage student character building such as MCA Jobs, Character trait of the month, and Student Council. In addition, students are also able to take part in outstanding arts (music and drama) programs as well as participate in various sports.

  • Data-driven Success

MCA students are tested and measured against students locally and across Canada. The results speak for themselves as the students test well above national averages in major tests such as the MAP Test, PSAT Test, and EQAO Test. Continuous improvement is part of the culture at MCA.

Student Life

MCA provides many opportunities for students to develop themselves outside of the classroom. Clubs and associations are a big part of the student’s experience as they help to develop individual gifts and talents. So, some of the opportunities available include:

  • Chess Club
  • House Teams
  • Student Council
  • Robotics Club
  • Choir
  • Mathletes
  • Speech Meet
  • Ambassadors
  • Student Jobs
  • Drama Club

MCA’s student-athletes acquire leadership skills, discipline, teamwork and life long healthy habits. So, the intramural and competitive sports available to students include:

  • Cross Country Running
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Track & Field

Parent Portal at MCA

MCA values relationships with the parents and understands that they have a crucial role in the development of students. So, they utilize parent communication and reporting tools to help ensure smooth and healthy ongoing communication between parents, teachers and the Principal.

Through MCA’s Student Information System “My School”, the parents are able to keep track of academic and social progress as well as communicate with teachers on a regular basis. It is also a tool used for communicating important updates and special events impacting all students and parents/guardians.

Pathways to High School

MCA students have many options open to them upon graduating from the program. Many of the graduates continue their education at some of the most prestigious secondary schools in Ontario. Also, MCA Middle School graduates often choose to go to several of MCA’s partner schools.

Universities Graduates Attend

MCA Graduates have many options open to them during their pathway to Educational success. So, many of MCA’s Graduates go on to enjoy a challenging yet rewarding experience at some of the most prestigious post-secondary schools in Canada. Further, because of MCA’s rigorous academics, the Graduates often choose to go to several of the finest universities worldwide.

International Programs at MCA

ESL Program

Mississauga Christian Academy welcomes international students! The school loves international students as they have a positive impact on the school community. The number of international students is limited in each class so that the students will be encouraged to interact with others in the English language. With the Integrated Content ESL Instruction Model, students learn both English and academic content. MCA offers both short-term ESL programming in January/February and July/August, and integrated ESL programming for Elementary and Middle School students throughout the school year. The ESL program utilizes proven successful curriculum, technology, and methodology to ensure that each student is a successful learner. Additionally, the close and personal relationship between each student and the ESL teacher is also at the core of the student’s success.

Homestay Program

While studying at MCA, students are invited to be part of the MCA Homestay Program where they will be immersed in English through family living and cared for by screened/MCA-approved homes. Further, these are located within minutes of the MCA campus.

Learning in the morning and afternoon, practicing volleyball with friends after class, and visiting Niagara Falls on the weekend! This could be your life as an international student at Mississauga Christian Academy. All in all, the Academy not only cares about you academically but wants you to thrive in all areas of you life; from your faith to sports, to social clubs with other students, the focus is always on preparing you for a healthy, happy life.

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