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Moncton Christian Academy (MCA) is an independent, not for profit educational institution in Moncton, known as Canada’s most Canadian city. The school is an integral part of the small community, providing opportunities for kids to learn, socialize, and get ready to become model citizens of today’s society. So, if you’re an international student with Christian values, desire for a small Canadian town experience, and a tight community, MCA could be your dream school!

Moncton Christian Academy Location – In the Most Canadian City

MCA is located in Moncton, the largest city in the province of New Brunswick. As a matter of fact, Moncton has been named the most Canadian city! What a unique accomplishment. Further, Moncton is one of the best cities to raise a family, and also one of the cities most considerate to strangers! Evidently, this is of major importance to international students intending to study in Canada. Moncton is known as the hub of the Maritimes – with education, culture, affordable housing, and nature all within one unique, Canadian city.

Programs at Moncton Christian Academy

The Moncton Christian Academy offers everything you need before commencing your postsecondary education. In other words, there are programs here for any students under 18. Especially those wishing to go to a Canadian postsecondary school.

  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Integrated ESL
  • Summer & Winter ESL Camps

The Staff of Moncton Christian Academy

Staff at the Moncton Christian Academy are here to support the children in any way that they can. And, they ensure they are able to do it by keeping a teacher-student ratio of 1:12. Further, all the teachers hold at least a bachelor’s degree, with some even holding a master’s degree as well! All in all, the teachers love their students and strive to provide the best learning experience possible.

The MCA International Program

Moncton Christian Academy offers a vibrant, caring, nurturing and highly academic program for students who want to study on the East Coast of Canada. Students needing additional English language assistance are educated and cared for by qualified and loving professional ESL staff and quickly feel comfortable in the small, caring environment. Here, international students will find acceptance, care, a non-threatening social and academic environment, and wonderful east-coast hospitality. Further, MCA offers international students small classes and the ability to grow and develop at a very comfortable pace. As well, after-school tutoring is available for all international students. A comprehensive guidance program tracks students and assists them with one-on-one counseling for university applications, scholarship applications, and other preparation. All students graduating from MCA are ready and should apply to universities throughout Canada and the United States.

ESL Programs

MCA ESL Program is integrative and individualized. Students are assessed and put into the correct class for them. So, the program includes tutoring in reading, written and conversational English, as well as academic vocabulary. MCA employs teaching methods that combine traditional classroom instruction with interaction, innovation, and individual tutoring. In addition, ESL labs, concentration exercises, and practical learning experiences (field trips, student clubs, athletics, and other extra-curricular activities) all supplement the learning of English effectively. MCA’s ESL Program specifically assists students to use spoken and written English. They learn to gather, interpret, and communicate information, amongst a number of other skills useful for English communication in all forms.

Homestay for International Students

While studying at MCA, students are welcome to be part of the MCA Homestay Program. Here, they will be immersed in English through family living. Students are welcomed from all corners of the world to experience life in a Maritimes hub city recognized worldwide for its hospitality, and famous for family values that reflect what MCA is all about.

Moncton Christian Academy is a charming school catering to its surrounding quaint city and more notably to students around the world. The Academy offers programs for students ages 5-18, all the while preparing them for the job market or for university in either Canada or the USA. Besides education, the school remains vigilant in determining students live with happy, caring homestay families and enjoy the community activities Moncton has to offer!

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