[University of Toronto – International] 2020 Virtual Summer Academy

Earlier in the spring, due to the situation surrounding COVID-19, the University of Toronto International Programs Office made an incredibly difficult decision. They will cancel in-person summer programs for 2020. However, in unprecedented, they rose up to the challenge and will be providing effective and high-quality enrichment, transition and preparatory programs for international students all over the world! All of this amazing work will be done in a virtual setting.

Online Courses

Throughout July 2020, the International Summer Academy will be offering 3 one-week courses: IELTS Online Intensive Course, Global Citizenship Challenge, and the Discussions Without Borders. These courses are great for students ages 15 to 18, and with a strong level of English. Each of these courses will be available on multiple dates.

To begin, students are able to take the IELTS Online Intensive course. This is the perfect option for those looking for personalized feedback on their test performance and who benefit from a small group class setting. Further, this intensive IELTS course allows students to complete guided practice exercises to increase their IELTS test performance.

Next, there is also the option to take the Global Citizenship Challenge course. This particular course is suited to students who are passionate about the global community. And, to students who would like to take the discussion further with like-minded individuals. Plus, it’s an asset for those who were originally planning on attending the Global Citizenship Program. This is a great look into what the full program would look like!

Lastly, the third course available is Discussion Without Borders. This course, as the title suggests, is all about discussion. In fact, it’s the ideal course for those seeking conversation practice in a guided environment, that is rather small in size. Also, it’s perfect for prospective students looking to connect with other individuals around the world!

Virtual Social Activities

As part of the Virtual Summer Academy, you can take part in fun online virtual activities. Or, if you’re a summer returner, meeting some old friends from past summers! The University of Toronto will be hosting a variety of clubs and counselor events throughout July and August.

Virtual clubs are fun, engaging activities where you can meet new people and learn new skills. So here, each club will meet regularly throughout the program to work on ongoing or standalone projects. These clubs will highlight different areas of interest such as sports, wellness, baking, cuisine, arts and crafts, and more! Further, the clubs will also rotate meaning you can get a taste of each subject area and learn as much as you can!

The University of Toronto is committed to bringing students a fun Summer 2020 Academy, despite the fact that everything has turned upside down due to COVID19. They will be offering 3 different courses through the Academy, IELTS Intensive, Discussion Without Borders, and Global Citizenship Challenge. Further, it won’t all be about academics, students can enjoy club activities – working on projects in areas such as wellness, baking, cuisine, arts and crafts.

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