Amazing Careers for Gender and Women’s Studies Majors!


Students with an interest in the role of gender in society and how it interacts with other forms of difference including Indigenous and racialized identities, class, sexuality, ability, age will definitely be interested in Gender and Women’s Studies majors. Well often the stereotype here is that there aren’t many careers in this field, the careers are actually numerous because you acquire wide-ranging skillsets. Future graduates could work as outreach workers, cultural coordinators, policy analysts and much more upon graduation!

Outreach Worker

Outreach workers frequently work for community service organizations or non-profits. Their main goal is to connect members of the community to their organization; they do this through public education, volunteer recruitment and coordination, media campaigns and fundraising.  These employees are sure to raise awareness about the work of their organization, highlighting the services the organization has to offer to members of the community who may be facing challenges.

Outreach workers often work in community service organizations or non-profits, for example, they could work for Options Community Services SocietyVancouver Coastal Health, or Inner-City Women’s Initiatives Society.

Outreach workers are in demand especially in the healthcare sector at this time. Further, they make around $24.11 per hour on average in Canada.

Cultural Programs Coordinator

Cultural program coordinators often work for community organizations, arts institutions and non-profits. They actively seek to promote the arts in their organization to the broader public; they focus on arts programming in the community, arts advocacy, and programs that nurture and support our local artists and arts organizations. This often involved event planning, facilitation, outreach work and more to attract viewers to art events and to reach the broader arts community in their city.

Cultural program coordinators could work for organizations in Canada such as the Arts Council of New WestminsterCity of VancouverEcojustice, or Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria.

In Canada, cultural program coordinators can earn an average of $27.37 per hour. However, there is variation with this particular career option.

Public Policy Analyst

Policy analysts most frequently work for the government, at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. They could also work for non-profit or community service organizations. So, the main role of these policy analysts is to influence political and social events. Also, to raise public awareness. This involves conducting research, analyzing current policies, and determining the effects of possible legislation. Finally, it involves reporting on findings in speech and writing.

Public policy analysts often work in either the public sector or the non-profit sector, including the Government of CanadaVancouver Coastal HealthHappy City, or the Comox Valley Regional District.

Here in Canada, public policy analysts can earn on average $70 000 per year according to Glassdoor.

Studies with a passion for social justice and feminism have a gateway to various career options. That is if they complete their bachelor’s in Gender and Women’s Studies. Careers are plentiful in the public as well as the non-profit sectors. There are positions in health to public education and policy. So, the message is, if you are interested in this area don’t let the stereotype about arts degrees stop you, there is a ton of work out there for you!

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