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Careers for Performance and Visual Arts Majors


Careers for Performance and Visual Arts Majors

If you are someone who enjoys conveying information in visual and appealing ways, a performance and visual arts major might be just right for you. In this major, you will have the chance to take courses in drawing, painting, dance, acting, foreign languages, graphic design, photography and more! Also, you can shape the degree to fit the aspects you like the most about visual or performance arts. Narrowing your scope and honing in on certain skills could make you more marketable when you search for careers for performance and visual arts majors!

Visual and performance arts degrees can be found throughout Canada, but one reputable school for this area is Vancouver Film School! So, consider researching them while looking for schools to apply to.

Skills learned in performance and visual arts

As a performance and visual art major, you learn a wide range of skills that revolve around creativity. Some of these skills include knowledge of graphic design software, artistic talents such as dancing or singing, or knowledge of sound systems for video creation. All of these skills are very niche and require training. So, as a visual and performing arts major these are the skills you could acquire. Additionally, you will also acquire some skills that are less technical such as improvisation, communication, interpretation, cultural awareness, and group collaboration skills. Each of these skills is incredibly valuable to a wide variety of careers in visual and performance arts!

Possible careers

A wide variety of careers for performance and visual arts majors exist today. Below is a list of some of the most common career options.

  • Art teacher
  • Animator
  • Art historian
  • Environmental designer
  • Art conservator
  • Engraver
  • Ceramic artist
  • Fashion Designer
  • Art dealer
  • Musician
  • Make-up artist
  • Dancer
  • Dance teacher
  • Museum curator
  • Book jacket designer
  • Fabric designer
  • Medical illustrator
  • Jewelry designer
  • Film and video editor
  • Photographer
  • Graphic designer
  • Magazine cover artist
  • Furniture designer
  • Actor/actress
  • Interior decorator
  • Cartoonist
  • Photojournalist
  • Trademark designer

These are only a few of the options. Really, those who enroll in a major in visual or performing arts have a wide variety of career options! So, they could work as graphic designers for non-profits, create advertisements for billion-dollar industries, or be the next recipient of an Oscar in costume design. The sky is the limit for performing and visual arts majors!

In a career in this field, you may even be able to work from anywhere. Especially if you’re into digital art.

As a performance and visual arts major, you have the chance to explore your passion even further and become competitive in the job market! So, take the time to look at some possible careers for performance and visual arts majors, and excel in the skills required for those. Get creative and get that degree!

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