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Humber College Bachelor of Industrial Desing student has recently won the Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) International Design Competition. He blew the judges away with his 3 wheel design concept, in fact so much so that he is now on an internship with BRP. So, a huge congratulations to Bradley Saite, industrial design work is endlessly fascinating and useful, and you demonstrate that!

BRP International Design Competition

Bachelor of Industrial Design student Bradley Staite was recently announced as the winner of the 2019 Bombardier Recreational Products’ (BRP) International Design Competition. Also, Humber College was one of six participating design institutions across North America and Europe, and five Humber students were in the top 20.

“This project was a special experience that provided me with an opportunity to submit work on an international stage and have my concept evaluated alongside students who are highly skilled and passionate about design,” says Staite.

In this competition, students were creating an electric vehicle for all terrains except highways. Further, vehicle necessities were storage space, appeal to Gen Z and Y, and be relatively easy to drive around.

‘Moved’ Electrical Vehicle Concept

Bradley Saite’s design has a concept of three-wheel design. In fact, judges were so impressed that Bradley got a paid internship at BRP’s state-of-the-art Design & Innovation Center in Valcourt, Quebec, where he will get to make a full-size 3D prototype of his winning design.

This competition really suited Bradley, who is passionate about the intersections of design and sustainability. After earning WWF Canada’s Living Planet Leader certification last year, State has vowed to prioritize environmental stewardship in his professional and academic career. A bold and great move for the planet!

“Being part of this exclusive international design competition means a great deal to us,” says Catherine Chong, a professor in the Bachelor of Industrial Design program.

“To be recognized among the elite design programs speaks to the incredible work our students produce alongside the expertise of our faculty,” she says.

Bachelor of Industrial Design

Industrial designers create many of the products that we use today; designing the best use products for consumers all over the world. Some examples of products include sportswear, headphones, cars and more!

In the Bachelor of Industrial Design, students will learn skills relevant to their future careers as designers. They will thoroughly explore AutoCAD design, sketching, digital graphic rendering, and model-making. Further, these skills will be especially useful to project work during years 1 and 2.

In the latter half of the course, students will choose either product or vehicle design. This is also where they will commence their thesis project, creating a product of their own. This work will include computer-aided designs, a hard prototype of the design, and ergonomic models. Further, between years 3 and 4 students will participate in a 420 hours co-op work experience.

Industrial design is a field that continues to grow around the clock. New product designs come out all the time. It’s students like Bradley who will stay on top of the trends, designing products for a low-carbon world. Overall, his skills acquired at Humber College will continue to serve him well, as they could serve you as a future industrial designer!

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