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Kootenay Lake School District’s superintendent has let all students, staff and families know about their plans for fall 2020. Given recent announcements about returning to class, the district is preparing to have students and staff return as safely as they can. Measures coming their way will include learning cohorts, masks in crowded areas, and cleaning protocols.

Stage 2 of the BC Education Restart Plan

Recently, the provincial government announced their plan for students and staff to safely return to class come this September 2020. Both the Provincial Public Health Team and the Ministry of Education have been working together to provide updates to stage 2 in order to further reduce the risk of COVID19 transmission and enhance safety measures. This new plan includes measures such as increased PPE and hand sanitizer, technology enhancements for learning and expanded cleaning protocols.

Further, students will be organized into Learning Group Cohorts, meaning that that consistent groups of students and staff will be created and remain safely together for student learning and support. Consistent groups of students will thus remain together unless changes are necessary. So, in the case of elementary/middle school students, these cohorts will be about 60 people, and for high school, it’ll be 120 people. High school students also have the option of numerous online courses. Students who are sick of course must stay at home, and not join their groups.

Planning for Fall 2020

Planning for fall 2020 is now underway, as the Kootenay Lake School District consults with Public Health Officers and the Ministry of Education. Further ministerial information is expected soon in which case staff, students and families will receive further updates. Kootenay Lake hope the community can remain patient as they navigate the planning and consulting processes with external partners and ministries.

Students – Here’s What to Expect

District staff over the new few weeks will be working on implementing plans at the local level. As such, expect adjustments in courses and/or student schedules (Grades K-12). Further, there may be timetable changes (secondary) in order to meet the new guidelines. This will be necessary to meet the appropriate health and safety guidelines while providing a great education.

Safety is paramount, and the district as well as its partners will be doing their best to plan the safest return to class. Students can expect some big changes, including the creation of learning cohorts and alterations to their schedules. But rest assured, further planning will ensure the return is safe and education remains of high quality for all students in the district.

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