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Vancouver is one of Canada’s major cities, building up the national GDP through numerous industries. However, Vancouver does have a few industries it is well known for in Canada and even around the world. The city is the site of film production, natural resource management, specialty fashion and many emerging social enterprises!

Hollywood North – The Film Industry

Vancouver is commonly referred to as “Hollywood North” due to the sheer amount of films and TV shows that are filmed in Vancouver or just beyond the city limits. In fact, if you search up films shot in Vancouver, you’ll find hundreds upon hundreds of entries on Wikipedia. Some of the more famous shows and movies include Deadpool, The Age of Adaline, Carrie, The Cabin in the Woods, and many more!

Vancouver is also home to the popular Vancouver Fim School, running programs such as Videography and Communication Design3D Animation and Visual Effects and numerous others for the creative at heart!

Specialty Apparel – The Birthplace of Lululemon

Vancouver is home to young and thriving apparel industries – many athleisure brands were born in this Canadian city. Not just athleisure either, but sustainable athleisure, with companies that care tremendously about saving the environment and preserving it where possible. This is likely not a tremendous surprise for those who know the geography of Vancouver – full of mountains, lakes, rivers and all nature has to offer.

Some major brands that came out of Vancouver including Lululemon Athletica,  Arc’teryx Equipment Inc. and  John Fluevog Shoes. Further, other brands outside of athleisure such as  AritiziaHerschelOak+Fort are also proud Vancouverites.

In fact, Vancouver is also a city of fashion schools, including Blanche Macdonald, with programs in Global Fashion Marketing and Fashion Design.

Natural Resources – Major Headquarters Here

Vancouver is home to over 800 headquarters for major natural resources companies, especially in the mineral exploration sector. In fact, two of the world’s largest mining companies have their headquarters in Vancouver, Teck Resources Limited and Goldcorp Inc. These offices house numerous employees in fields such as finance, engineering, environmental consulting, geological research and much more.

The city is also the site of numerous headquarters for logging and lumber companies. BC is one of the world’s larger exporters of wood, meaning the city is home to offices running these major operations. Wood products, biofuels, logging machinery design, forestry operations and policy are all key careers for Vancouver professionals working in the forestry sector.

Beyond natural resources, Vancouver is also the site for innovative, green practices in these areas. Resource and environmental management and green technology is the key to growing the Vancouver and Canadian economy in the long-term.

Natural resource education is also abundant in the Vancouver area, and a major institution is the British Columbia Institute of Technology, with programs such as Sustainable Energy ManagementChemical and Environmental Technology, and Ecological Restoration.

Social Enterprises – The Entrepreneurship City

Vancouver is known as a leading city for blending social values and business models. This includes non-profits, cooperatives and for-profit businesses with a social purpose. This dynamic sector is experiencing great growth in Vancouver. Many of the local universities offer programs to help students get their own ventures off the ground – and many students are very forward-thinking. They come up with ways to change business for the better.

In Vancouver, one of the fastest-growing social enterprise sectors is in environmentally-conscious areas. Vancouver is full of young folks with a love for sustainability and climate justice, yielding amazing innovations and organizations.

Some of the great social enterprises in Vancouver include Community Contribution CompanyCommon ThreadThe Clean SolutionMeaningfulWork and many others!

In Vancouver, you can start your entrepreneurship career in Langara‘s certificate program for Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Alternatively, if you happen to be in Ontario, consider Seneca‘s Entrepreneurship certificate.

The city of Vancouver has numerous career opportunities for current and future international students. And, these opportunities are in diverse industries such as film, fashion, natural resources, and social enterprises. Further, each of these areas has positions within them that may seem unrelated – such as accountants for natural resources companies. One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of opportunity in Vancouver, Canada!

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