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4 Time Tracking Apps to Curb Procrastination


Wondering how to track all of your time simply and effectively? Luckily, in today’s age, this has become a lot easier. There is a multitude of different apps out there to help you track your time effectively. Knowing how much time you spend on what can help you create schedules that best work for you and the things you are working on. So, get time tracking with one of these great apps below!













Toggl is a free time management software that helps you keep track of your time spent on diverse projects! Some of it’s best features include one-click timer starts, app integrations with other platforms, and tracking reminders. It also allows you to add time manually or live and allows for calendar integration which can be helpful to track your day in one spot. Another helpful feature is the time reports it can generate for you, showing exactly how much time you spent on a project in order to complete it. Knowing this can help you better adjust your schedules.

Toggl is available in-app format for macOS. There is also a helpful chrome extension available to help you track your time easily without opening the app.










Harvest is a paid time tracking app frequently used by small business and start-up companies, but it could work great for your student schedule too! To begin, Harvest lets you track the time you spend on particular projects easily. For example, if you want to track your time spent on a particular assignment, you can enter this project time and start the timer! Alternatively, you can create categories, such as course titles, and track how much time you spend working on each course. Another great bonus, you can also do team time tracking, great for group projects and maintaining accountability.

Harvest has both an app and a chrome extension you can use to easily record time spent on a project. The chrome extension makes it very easy to start your timer, just click the icon on your screen and hit start in your selected category.

Focus Keeper

Focus Keeper is a great app that helps you stay focused on a project for small chunks of time! So, here you start by choosing a topic and then you focus on it for 25 minutes, before taking a 5-minute break. After 4 rounds of this, you can take a 25-minute break. This is a popular study method that exists already, known as the Pomodoro. But, having an app to help you keep track is also quite handy.

The app is available for both Mac and Windows systems.

Rescue Time



Rescue Time is different from the above apps because it doesn’t just track the times you are being productive – it tracks everything! The automatic time tracking means it records the time you spend on websites, certain apps, in documents, etc to provide you with a full report of how your time was spent that day. This can be a really good thing or those of us who procrastinate, seeing how much time we actually spend delaying working may be the wake-up call to get us on track! A great feature of this, it can also do time tracking offline for you.









Rescue Time is available for both iOS and Android systems in their respective app stores. Further, the chrome extension is a handy tool as well.

All four of these apps could help you curb the procrastination habit. And, that is important to overcome as school gets into the busier stretches. So, choose the app that works best for your needs, and you’ll become a time management wizard, and hopefully a better student too. And, if you’re still looking for more student apps, check out these amazing study apps every student should have.

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