Cybersecurity, Protect the World from Threats!

Cybersecurity is perhaps one of the most intriguing areas of computer science out there! Algonquin College is ready to make you a hero if you enroll in their new graduate cybersecurity program. You’ll learn all the skills necessary to protect both the private and public sectors from cyber-threats from international crime organizations to random hackers. So, if you love solving crime and computer science, this is your dream program!

New Cybersecurity Program

It is always important to have strong defences against cyber threats. Whether it’s hackers from international crime rings, or individuals the importance of defending against this is always important. To meet this important need, Algonquin College is offering a graduate program in cybersecurity that will give the students skills to join this amazing sector of work.

The Ministry of College’s and Universities has given permission to Algonquin College to run this program. Planning of the one-year program is currently continuing despite the challenges with the COVID19 pandemic.

“The program will be unique in Canada due to our emphasis on building a powerful and robust lab with state-of-the-art equipment that you would find in the industry. The students also have the opportunity to work on a highly specialized, industry-partnered project, and participate in an optional co-op placement with our partners in the cybersecurity community,” said Program Coordinator, Arsalan Parsaei.

New Lab to Support Student Learning

Renovations are underway at Algonquin’s labs in the DARE district which will give the program full defence and attack capabilities, using the high-end server to create real-life simulations for students. Further, this lab will incorporate a security operations centre (SOC).

“One of the core parts of the program is threat management. How to gather intelligence from different sources with help of artificial intelligence (AI) and then apply it to cybersecurity systems and using a robust vulnerability management program that takes it to next level – to identify and remediate vulnerabilities. This combined with cyber incident responses will help to detect and defend against cyber offences. There will also be a forensic analysis component allowing students to determine who is behind an incident… a hacker in a basement, a hacktivist group, a cyber-terrorist gang or a state-sponsored attack,” said Parsaei.

The Need for Cybersecurity

Today cybersecurity is growing in both the public and private sectors. According to Parsaei , the recent U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) shows a median pay of $98,000 per year for cybersecurity analyst jobs. Further, statistics from a research centre (CompTIA) show that there will be over 100 000 jobs available in cybersecurity fields. In fact, those in security analyst positions can expect great growth, with 29% annual growth continuing between 2016 and 2026.

“Our focus is to offer dynamic curriculum that will be able to keep pace with changes to technology, leverage different sources of threat intel, analyze data, learn how to conduct threat hunting with the use of artificial intelligence, identify different vulnerabilities, perform remediation, create effective responses to incidents, and most importantly, learn about recovery from incidents. Students will also get an insight about compliance with government policy and regulation related to cybersecurity standards,” said Parsaei.

Algonquin College is ready for you to start a career in the cybersecurity! Join their new graduate diploma program when possible, and protect the world from less visible threats that are incredibly important. Also great, this sector of work is growing rapidly, with opportunities emerging in both the private and public sectors.

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