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Fanshawe College has 4 guarantees for students this fall 2020: high-quality education, a commitment to academics, health and safety and student supports. They want to ensure students that just because the university is changing, for now, does not mean the quality of their experiences or learning must change. Therefore, they’ll be doing their best to continue teaching the next generation throughout this period.

High-Quality Online Learning

The transition to online learning does not mean a decrease in the quality of education being delivered. Fanshawe is ready to give students creative and interactive ways to interact with each other and their learnings. The goal is to keep education at a high quality to advance knowledge and get ready for their careers. Even if students are not completely happy with this online semester, students can defer their start dates to the next semester by just making a request to Fanshawe College.

Commitment to Academia

Staff and faculty at Fanshawe strive to help their students learn the skills that render them the most successful. To be most available, professors will be accessible online through weekly office hours and at other times via email. Outside of staff, students can connect with academic advisors through live appointments where students can discuss academic pathways and success plans.

Support for Students

Fanshawe intends to ensure that every student has all the career advice, tutoring and supplemental academic help they require to succeed in this upcoming semester. So, staff this fall intend to make it their goal to respond within 24 hours to all inquiries, along with longer customer service hours. Further, each student will have a staff member to assist in their educational journey including co-op and careers. After all, Fanshawe has the highest graduate employment rate among colleges in Ontario and wants to keep it that way!

Health and Safety Commitments

Another one of the guarantees from Fanshawe is a dedication to health and safety. Guidance from health and safety authorities means staff at Fanshawe will be implementing more protocols. This includes social distancing, cleaning and mechanisms to help report and track health data. The College wants to ensure everyone who is on campus feels safe and at ease.

Fanshawe guarantees it will try its best in this upcoming, changing semester. This means better safety and health measures, student supports, commitment to high-quality education and great advising. Even if things don’t work out, Fanshawe is happy to defer any students to the following semester when the classes will hopefully occur in in-person formats.

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