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Major Industries in a Major Canadian City – Toronto!

Major Industries in a Major Canadian City – Toronto!

Toronto is in fact the second-largest financial sector in North America and the largest in Canada. It plays host to over 600 financial service companies and this is only continuing to grow. The city provides a number of financial services from investment banking, to accounting, and stock market trading. In fact, the success of so many Toronto financial companies is only pulling more investment into the city, from both other Canadian cities as well as those abroad.

Major companies and banks operate or have headquarters in Toronto. For the banks, this includes the Toronto-Dominion Bank, CIBC, BMO and numerous others. Meanwhile, on the company side, Toronto hosts Wealthsimple, Manulife, and Sun Life Financial.

For students with an interest in finance, consider enrolling in Seneca College‘s Accounting and Finance Diploma program, or perhaps Humber College‘s Bachelor of Commerce in Finance!

Real-Estate – A Booming Toronto Industry

Toronto’s real-estate sector is booming – very similar to Vancouver’s real estate market. This leaves a tremendous opportunity for creative and business-minded professionals with a passion for sales! In fact, this Toronto sector is even thriving despite the challenges brought on by COVID19. Both residential and commercial boast opportunities – with some major firms closing deals frequently across the city.

Toronto is a host city to a few major real estate companies. These include Homelife Realty One LTD., Royal LePage Real Estate Services, Re/Max amongst many others! In fact, Royal LePage is one of the largest real estate companies in all of Canada.

For aspiring realtors, be sure to check out local Ontario and Toronto schools for some great programs! Humber College offers a real-estate program, with practical simulation sessions to help you perfect your people skills. Further, Seneca College offers a program Property Administration, specializing in Assessment and Appraisal.

Wholesale and Retail Trade – The Canadian Export Capita

The Toronto Economic Region is a major player in the wholesale trade industry, with Toronto being home to 90% of all large wholesale companies in Ontario, It’s also home to more than 60% of all large wholesale companies in Canada. Wholesale trade entails the sale of goods, generally to retailers, professional (industrial or commercial) users or authorities, or to other wholesalers or intermediaries. Interested in being a purchaser or seller of high-quality goods? Consider the wholesale trade arena!

This major Canadian city is home to a number of elite wholesale retail companies, sending product to places all around the world. Some of these companies include Steeped Tea, with a revenue of over 20 million dollars annually! Other companies include 3S Lighting, Vivere, Read Leaf Medical, amongst dozens of others.

Wholesale and retail trade includes employees from diverse backgrounds such as logistics, commerce, marketing and manufacturing engineers. In Toronto and the wider Ontario region, you can find numerous programs to enroll in any of these areas! Seneca College, first of all, happens to offer a program known as Supply Chain Management – Global Logistics. There is also a graduate certificate available at Humber College in Supply Chain Management!

Jetting off from Toronto – The Aerospace Industry

Toronto is Canada’s major player in the aerospace sector – the city is in fact home to 20,000 professionals focused on systems engineering, equipment production and integration in this area. Largely, much of the aerospace work occurring in Toronto centres around products and parts manufacturing, with some work also in guidance and navigational instrument development and support for air transport.

Quite a few major companies in the aerospace industry also are in Toronto. This includes the well-known company Bombardier, an airplane manufacturing company as well as other transportation options such as the Skytrain in Vancouver. Other examples of Toronto aerospace companies include Honeywell, Triumph, and Magellan Aerospace.

Luckily enough, just outside of Toronto is Seneca College, home to a School of Aviation. Here students can take programs in Airline Pilot Flight Operations, Aviation Technology, and Aviation Safety.

Toronto is a major player in Canadian GDP, making it also the home to several career opportunities in diverse sectors! For students with a passion for aerospace, Bombardier happens to be located right in Toronto! But, the city also includes some other industry options, including finance, real estate and wholesale trade.
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