Missing your Gym? Try These Home Exercises!

With the onset of COVID19 in Canada, many gyms had to close. But, this gave way to a rise in home workouts. There are many options for home workouts, with some of the most popular tools including fitness apps complete with numerous exercise routines, and YouTube videos that have gone viral because of the results they can bring! Home workouts can be as fun as the gym, so why not give it a try during this quarantine period?

Fitness Apps

My Fitness Pal 

My Fitness Pal is one of the most popular fitness apps out there. Here, you can keep tabs both on your workouts and the food you consume. When you start, you complete a profile of the calorie limits you are keen on. This helps you tailor your day to meet that goal, either through eating, or exercising, but most likely both.

The app is quite handy in that it can track calories by recording the barcode of your food. This makes food entry much simpler, simply scan the barcode of the ingredients you’re using and enter the quantity. If you don’t have a barcode, simply search the item in the search tool and key in the quantity.

HIIT Workouts

HIIT workouts have become all the rage; these quick cardio workouts are more fun than running and can be done at home! The popular app, HIIT Workouts, has a number of free routines for you. Some target abs, other’s legs or arms, and one is 5 minutes of burpees! Perhaps not the most fun video, but it does burn calories.

The app data can also connect to your Apple Health data to provide information on the number of calories you’ve burned. You can see the workouts you’ve done there with their calorie allotments which are nice if you want to track this for yourself.

Fitness YouTubers

Chloe Ting 

Chloe Ting has recently risen to fame because of her 2-week ab challenge video! Many people actually began this workout after COVID19 became a pandemic, and have seen great results so far as per Chloe’s video on results.

Besides abdominal workouts, she has a number of other workouts targeting legs, arms, and of course cardio! Another great bonus, no equipment is necessary for her workout routines.

Alexis Ren 

Alexis Ren rose to fame in the same way that Chloe Ting did, she made a great ab workout video! Trust us, this 10-minute ab workout will do the trick, especially the series of plank holds at the end.

Besides the abs workout, Alexis has one other ab workout and a leg workout, both great options for workouts you can do at home, with absolutely no equipment necessary!

Yoga with Adriene

For students looking to unwind, yoga can be a great choice. There are many famous yoga teachers on YouTube, but one of the most popular channels is Yoga with Adriene. She keeps her page updated with new routines all the time – yoga for the night, morning, after work, for fat loss and much more!

You can also rest assured that she provides modifications to poses and challenges for poses. So if you want to push yourself you can, but if you need an easier version that is also an option.

Working out doesn’t have to always happen outside or in a gym. There is a ton you can do with simply a workout video, app and a yoga mat if you’d like! So, if you have free time during this quarantine why not take up a new exercise routine – you’ll be happily surprised with the results!

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