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Ryerson University is now operating an international college, designed to get international students direct transfer into year 2 at Ryerson and in other universities. The opening of this college will help diversify the Ryerson campus. This will give students the opportunity to prep for their 4-year university degree in a more supportive and intimate setting. 

About the Pathway Programs

Ryerson University have partnered in order to offer pathway programs for international students coming to Canada! They together have created the Ryerson University International College (RUIC) which will include academic course content, study skill assistance and social as well as academic support systems. 

Students who complete the RUIC first-year program will be eligible for transition directly into second-year at Ryerson University in any of the below degree programs, so Business Management, International Economics and Finance, and Arts. 

RUIC Programs 

Pathway to Business Management

Within Business Management are a variety of special concentrations to choose from, including Marketing, Human Resources and Global Management. Some of the perks of the program are the 16-month paid co-op, 1:1 sessions with career advisors and the promising rate of 90% of graduates acquiring jobs before they even graduate. 

Pathway to International Economics and Finance

In the International Economics and Finance Program, you’ll get to explore the interconnectedness of world markets and how to make decisions within them. Plus, there are major perks in this program – this includes a mandatory co-op or internship of at least 4 months to a year, as well as a 100% employment rate at the time of graduation. 

Pathway to Arts

Lastly, we have the Pathway to Arts. In the Arts, you have several programs you could transfer into including but not limited to politics, psychology, environment and urban studies and philosophy. The advantage of the arts programs is that it does not require any math or science requirements to get in. 

Admission Requirements 

English Language Requirements

Students wishing to enter the Ryerson University International College must meet one of the designated English requirements. There are two options available to you – either direct or integrated. Direct entry means you must meet higher English standards while integrated entry has a lower standard for admission. 

The full list of methods for proving English proficiency is available here

Academic Entry Requirements

Entry into RUIC generally requires the completion of Year 12 of secondary school or its equivalent and must include both overall and specific subject requirements that will depend on the program. For example, the program in International Economics and Finance will require proof of successful completion of high school level math. 

The full list of academic requirements is available here, organized by the student’s country of origin. 

Students who are interested in Ryerson University should spend their first year at Ryerson University International College. Here, they will learn about their program in a supportive environment, connect with other international students, and get a direct entry into their year 2 at Ryerson. This is a great opportunity to study in Canada at your pace and surrounded by global friends. 

For more information: Ryerson University International College

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