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The University of Toronto’s New College International Programs department is offering a University of Toronto course called Perspectives on Global Health. This course is designed explicitly for students ages 15-17, it is thus a great opportunity for highs school students considering the University of Toronto to become exposed to courses at this particular university.

The Course – Perspectives on Global Health

Perspectives on Global Health is an entirely online course offered by the University of Toronto. Evidently, global health is one of the most important topics at this time given the COVID19 pandemic, and as such bringing students together to explore this topic is key.

The Perspectives on Global Health course includes exploration of the complex factors that determine global health, as well as having the opportunity to develop their own solutions to these complex, and far-reaching issues. Students will be strongly encouraged to learn from each other via teamwork, interaction and creative project development. This will occur under the guidance of both a University of Toronto instructor and a student life facilitator.

Course Logistics and Costs

This particular course will run entirely online, using the platform Zoom. It will be available for students from all over the world, that are ages 15-17 years old. Further, the course will run for 10 weeks and live synchronous sessions will occur each Saturday for about 2 hours.

The course comes at a total cost of CAD $690.00 for all included.

English Requirements for the Course

The course is taught entirely in English, and as such a certain proficiency is required. The course does not provide language support, so meeting this level is highly necessary. The level of English proficiency necessary is CEFR Upper B1 or IELTS 5.

Learn a Canadian Course from Home

For international students, this course is a great offer for a number of reasons. First and foremost it exposes young students from around the world to education in Canada; students ages 15-17 from all countries are invited to join in on the conversation, giving them a taste of Canadian learning. Through this course not only is it possible that students will develop a passion for global health, but may further develop a passion for Canadian learning! This course could solidify a young student’s intention of studying in Canada in the future. Further, this course is offered entirely remotely; young students don’t have to travel to Canada and incur extra expenses because they can take part in learning entirely from home on their personal computers.

This course could not come at a better time. During the COVID19 pandemic, it is important to reflect on the complex factors that led to this global issue, and determine how to solve it from a global perspective. Further, it’s a great way of bringing diverse students together online to discuss their different solutions, views and ideas around global health and its future.

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