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Sales engineering is the perfect middle ground between engineering and commerce; as a sales engineer, you assist companies in determining the right equipment for their purposes while making sales for the company you work for. Sales engineers remain demanded here in Canada; if you’re an international student with passions lying between engineering and business you’ll find great sales engineer opportunities right here in Canada!

Sales Engineering – You Need to Understand Technology to Sell It!

Sales engineering is not a traditional field of engineering but is rather a combination of commerce and engineering. When selling highly technical products, a salesperson requires a good knowledge of technology and all of its nuances; this is where an engineering degree comes in. Engineers have a good sense of how technology functions and can explain products and equipment in detail. This is incredibly important to any technology company or organization looking to purchase complex products to be used in any complex operations.

If you have engineering experience and a passion for business, there is no better career option than sales engineering! You get to use your exceptional knowledge of technical operations and equipment in order to provide the best equipment for technology companies and organizations here in Canada.

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Job Outlook and Expected Growth in Canada

Sales engineers in Canada continue to be demanded; in fact, over the period of 2019-2028 the labour supply and demand for this profession is expected to be broadly in line according to the Government of Canada. It is expected that there will be 52 800 jobs opening over this same period with about 56 100 people available to fill those openings, as cited by the Government of Canada.

In the below provinces/territories job growth and outlook is expected to be good according to the Government of Canada:

  • British Columbia
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Ontario
  • Quebec

Meanwhile, in the below provinces/territories job growth and outlook is expected to be fair according to the Government of Canada:

  • Alberta
  • Manitoba
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan

Sales Engineer Salaries in Each Province

The median wage is at $25 per hour for sales engineers in Canada. Salaries do varies and is depending on the province.


International Student Success – Introducing Sakina Hasonova

Sakina Hasonova originally pursued a bachelor’s degree at Azerbaijan State Oil Academy in Process Engineering; while she found much success here, she did eventually moved into a master’s degree at the University of Toronto in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

At U of T, she focused on both in-class learning and experiential learning opportunities. To begin, she completed a 4-month internship at Halliburton; Halliburton is a multinational corporation focused on oil field services. Here, she served as a drill bit intern for the 4-months.

Since completing her master’s degree, she has taken up a position as a Technical Sales Engineer for Taymer International Inc., a company located in Toronto, Canada. At Taymer, she is working on handling incoming sales inquiries as well as providing technical support to existing customers. She is also travelling to client sites in order to perform presentations and equipment evaluations!

Why Sales Engineering as a Career Option?

Those with a passion for both business and engineering will find a great career in sales engineering. This profession allows engineers to use their expertise in technical and complex products and machinery in order to provide outstanding technological solutions to diverse companies. Plus, this is a demanded profession in Canada with reasonable salaries as well.

Source: Job Outlook Wages

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