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About the Institution

George Brown College was established in 1968. The institution has many centres such as Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology, Centre for Community Services and Early Childhood or the Centre for Construction and Engineering Technology. However, the Centre for Business has gained traction as George Brown College – St. James Campus is located in Downtown where major investment, finance corporations reside.  George Brown College works closely with these corporations which results in many success stories from International Students. The Centre for Business is therefore a great place to start your career.

The Focus on Work Experience

Many George Brown programs require two semesters of work experience to graduate. George Brown works with employers to curate work experience opportunities for International Students. Below are some programs to consider, if you want to accelerate your Business Career.

Business Administration – International Business Program

The International Business Program consists of a variety of disciplines. Topics may include international trade management, international marketing, international trade finance and project management. 

Skills You Develop

You will be prepared to perform research, planning, consulting and other functions related to international business.


FITT (Forum for International Trade Training) is an international trade training and offers the Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation. George Brown College has partnered with FITT in providing Business Administration – International Business Program graduates to pursue this designation. 

Business Administration – Marketing Program

The Marketing Program responds to the fast-moving field of Marketing. There are a variety of disciplines available such as international marketing, digital marketing and marketing research and strategy.

Skills You Develop

You will learn to research and identify the target market, work with social media and develop marketing communication strategy plans to market products. 


This program is associated with the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

Business Administration – Project Management Program

Students in the Business Administration – Project Management (with work experience) program at George Brown College in Toronto will be prepared to manage project scope and change, project control, project staffing and risk management, provide motivation and goal setting, utilize project management tools and perform other functions in careers that incorporate project management or in stand-alone project manager positions. 

Skills You Develop

You will be prepared to manage project scope, budgets, project control, project risk management and utilize project management tools to provide motivation and goal setting.


This program is also eligible for accreditation with the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

After Graduate Opportunities

Business careers are in high demand and ever-evolving. The median wage for Business Specialists is at $34.62 per hour according to the Government of Canada Job Bank. Your career can take many paths from entrepreneurship or working in a corporate department. You can become a marketing specialist, financial analyst or even a portfolio manager. George Brown works with many corporations that are stationed in Toronto and is therefore a great place to start your business career.

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