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Coquitlam College is an Ideal Place to Bridge the Gap between High-school and University.


About Coquitlam College

Students from all over the world choose Coquitlam College for its superb educational standards and inspiring, highly trained instructors. A Coquitlam College education offers keys to success in university, unforgettable adventures in learning, and experiences to treasure forever. 

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From Coquitlam College to University of British Columbia

Jessica Ferguson is one our alumni who has successfully transferred to University of British Columbia. Let’s hear her experience at Coquitlam College. 

International Students Success Story – Jessica Ferguson

I found Coquitlam College to be an Ideal place to bridge the gap between high-school and university.  The small class sizes were similar to high-school. This allowed students to focus on the class material and get to know the professor as opposed to feeling daunted and anonymous in huge auditoriums. The professors were very willing to give extra help or discuses assignments, and office hours were available for all the classes I took. The way the work was presented was quite different than high school. However attention and general willingness to help of the professors at Coquitlam College was invaluable.

The atmosphere at Coquitlam College is friendly and positive with a number of school events and trips throughout the year. My particular favourite was the fantastic camping trip offered in the summer semester.  Many classes offer fun field trips as well. The credits for classes transferable and the academic counsellors are very helpful and knowledgeable. With the help of Coquitlam College I was able to get into the university that I wanted to go to.  I’d recommend this college as a starting place to anyone’s post secondary career. It was my first step to success.

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