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About the Institution

University of Saskatchewan is one of the top research-intensive, medical doctoral universities in Canada situated in Saskatoon. Founded in 1907, the institution is home to world-leading research in such as infectious diseases, water and food security.  The university works together with communities to find creative solutions to the most intense global challenges. Work ethics, resourceful nature and determination is what USask grads brings in their careers. The university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. It has also gained recognition in the fields of agriculture, engineering, the environment and veterinary medicine.

Some of the Programs offered at USask

Below are some of the core programs offered at the institution.


The Agribusiness industry serves the economy of Canada with more than $95 billion annually. Agribusiness comes into play at every stage in the food chain, from primary production to the packaging of your favourite snack food. 

Program options offered in Agribusiness

  • Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness [B.Sc.(Agbus.)] (Four-Year)
  • Diploma in Agribusiness (Two-Year)
  • College of Agriculture and BioResources

Skills you develop

You will learn business management, marketing, economics finance and sales. Furthermore, you will study the legal environment that characterize agribusiness. You will also learn the structure of the agri-food sector and develop business skills relevant to farming, processing, transportation, marketing and transportation.

After Graduate Opportunities

The median wage for an Agricultural Specialist is at $31.73 per hour in Canada. There is a variety of careers to choose from in Agribusiness depending on the chosen specialization.


Mechanical engineers are into how things operate and create the in-motion world. Research, design and development of products such as engines, automobile, medical devices are part of duties in this field.

Program options offered in Agribusiness

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.E.) – Mechanical Engineering (Four-Year)
  • College of Engineering (Two-Year)

Skills you develop

In the Mechanical Engineering program, you will do more hands-on assignments with daily tutorials. Instead of exams, you will explore the different branches of engineering in an hands-on learning environment.

After Graduate Opportunities

The median wage for a mechanical engineer is at $40 per hour in Canada. There are a variety of careers to choose such as project mechanical engineer, building system engineer or design engineer. The demand for engineers will increase as there will be labour shortage conditions over the period of 2019-2028 at the national level.

Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary medicine focuses on the study of diseases that all animal species and overall animal health. Veterinarians receive intensive training in all basic and clinical sciences.

Program options offered in Veterinary Medicine

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  • Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Skills you develop

This program prepares you to meet the needs of animal health care in Western Canada. Their curriculum allows you to pursue personal interest areas including animal care, surgery, medical imaging, wildlife medicine or animal-human health and related issues.

After Graduate Opportunities

The median wage for a veterinarian is between $30,229.00/year and $139,667.00/year in Canada. The demand for veterinarians remain broadly in line as per the Government of Canada Job Bank.

Why Settle in Saskatchewan?

The province of Saskatchewan is increasing the support for newcomers. As even The Ministry of Immigration and Career Training will invest nearly $300.000 over 2021 to support the province. The Government of Saskatchewan has invested more than $2.5 million in 2020 to support settlement services which translates to improve the lives of new residents. Saskatchewan is therefore a great place to study and settle for newcomers.

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