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About the Institution

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) curriculum is more targeted towards real-world experiences. Students learn problem-solving abilities and relevant skills to the ever-changing workforce.

BCIT’s School of Energy, ,School of Business and School of Computing & Academic Studies have been a popular choice among international students. The institution has Three New programs in these schools which have great potential in the Canadian job market for International Students.

Let’s explore these new programs and how it can benefit your career as an International Student.

Located in Burnaby, Vancouver, BC, Canada, BCIT was established in 1964 and is one of Canada’s largest applied science and technology public institutions. The institution has about 50,000 students enrolled each year.

Chemical and Environmental Technology

For international students who are into science, care about work involving sustainability, and like analyzing problems, this brand new program can lead to careers in which you make a positive difference. The Chemical and Environmental Technology is an innovative two-year diploma program which consists of chemical and environmental science, process engineering and materials technology from experts that work in the industry. 

The Program Delivery mode is blended learning which means that courses are offered either in-class or online. Near the end of the first academic year, students will have the opportunity to choose one of two specializations either Analytical Science or Process Engineering.

Skills You Develop

The first-year curriculum focuses on environmental science, industrial chemical or bio processes, materials technology, laboratory techniques and safety. You will also learn math and science basics relevant to this program. The second-year subjects include several courses in environmental sampling and analysis, instrumental analysis, chemical engineering technology and physical chemistry. Students will have the opportunity to participate in an industry-sponsored project in the second year of the program which helps you gain real world experience.

Analytical Science Option

The Analytical Science option focuses on instrumental laboratory analysis, environmental regulations and organic chemistry.

Process Engineering Option

The Process Engineering option focuses on chemical and biochemical processes, engineering principles and design software. 

Get A Degree

International Student Graduates who want to pursue a degree may bridge into a BCIT BTech program. You may also pursue a Science or Engineering Degree at an accredited University.

After Graduation Opportunities

You can choose careers in Pharmaceuticals, Laboratory Settings, Consulting, Industrial, or Research and Development. 

Read more about Chemical Engineering Careers.

General Insurance and Risk Management

For International Students that want to be in the world of insurance. The two-year General Insurance and Risk management diploma program provides you comprehensive training to investigate insurance claims, sell and market insurance products, risk management in securities. This program has been developed with industry experts to help you prepare for a sustainable and rewarding career.

Skills You Develop

You will explore the depths of Principles and Practices of Insurance. You will also learn to work with Business Information Systems as technology is incorporated with the Insurance and Risk Management Industry. You will also develop knowledge and skills in Law, Data Management, Marketing and Communications.

Professional Designations

The below Professional Designations are available to graduates:

CRM – Canadian Risk Management

CIP – Chartered Insurance Professional

After Graduation Opportunities

There are more jobs for qualified candidates than there are students because insurance affects every industry. Opportunities in this field are available in a variety of areas including insurance and risk management for disaster preparation, transportation, vehicles, housing, sports resorts and many other industries. The median wage for Insurance Agents is at $24.23 according to the government of Canada Job Bank.


Industrial Network Cybersecurity

The School of Computing and Academic Studies and the School of Energy have partnered in offering this new Interdisciplinary Diploma in Industrial Network Cybersecurity.

Skills You Develop

Students will go under comprehensive study in regards to computer information technologies, networking and industrial network cybersecurity. Students will develop practical skills by working with the latest industrial equipment in modern labs. 

After Graduation Opportunities

The need for Industrial Network Cybersecurity graduates is expected across multiple industries. For instance, You can find work in engineering consulting firms, energy management firms, food-and-beverage processing plants, manufacturing companies, technical sales and service or find work even in the mining industry.

Learn more about careers in Cyber Security Administration.

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