Saint Patrick’s Day in Canada during Covid-19


Wear green to avoid being pinched and enjoy the luck of the Irish! March 17th commemorates the death of the patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, and is a widely celebrated Irish cultural day in North America. Canadians of all background join in on this spring holiday, so here are some of the top way join in the festivities!

1. Wear Green

Don green on St. Patrick’s Day to avoid getting pinched! One reason for this is Irish Folklore has it that Leprechauns, supernatural mischief-makers, can’t see you if your wear green. Keeping you safe from a pinch here or there.

2.Enjoy an Irish Meal

It’s is popular to enjoy a traditional Irish meal on March 17th. Some tasty options include corned beef and cabbage, Sheppard’s pie, Irish soda bread, and Colcannon. A fun treat, particularly popular among children, is dying foods such as pancakes and cookies green with food dye for some extra St. Patty’s Day pizzazz.

Irish Soda Bread

3. Take in a Parade

Both Toronto and Montreal host large St. Patrick’s Day street parades, though you may find smaller celebrations in other cities as well. Expect to enjoy a celebration of Irish culture with music, dancing, floats and a lot of green!

4. Sip an Irish breakfast tea.

Try a taste cup of Irish breakfast tea.

5. Dance at a Céilí

An Irish céilí (“Kay-leigh”) is a social event featuring Irish folk music, dancing and storytelling. And likely lots of Guinness. Céilí dances are group dances where dancing couples progress around the room in lines and circles while swapping partners. Céilí are lively with upbeat music and easy to learn social dances.

There is so much fun to be had on St. Patty’s Day, where ever in the the world you are celebrating! So wear some green, share a smile, and have a happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

*It is important to note that St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are not with out controversies. St. Patty’s day celebrations have been criticized for perpetuating Irish stereotypes and disregarding the religious and culture significance of Saint Patrick.

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