Thinking of becoming a Music Therapist in British Columbia?

What is the most common genre of music? Do you find music calming your nerves when you are experiencing stress?

In addition to traditional treatment methods such as drugs, physical and invasive treatments, doctors and therapists also use alternative therapy to help patients to recover, which is known as music therapy. The “music therapy” service does not require medicine or surgery to improve patients’ mental health but employs music to help patients to relieve their stress. In 1978, Capilano University established Canada’s first Music Therapy major in Music Therapy. This major has Canada’s top educators and is Canada’s largest team of music therapy lecturers, helping students gain practical knowledge and experience in the world of music therapy.

Introduction of Capilano University

Founded in 1968, Capilano University in Canada, Capilano University, referred to as CapU, is a public university that focuses on teaching. It is a 30-minute drive from downtown Vancouver, Canada. The main campus is located on the mountainside of North Vancouver, surrounded by greenery and beautiful scenery. The campuses are all popular tourist areas in BC.

About the Program

The music therapy major is composed of a collection of music, psychology and other courses. Using music in different environments to help “children with autism”, “emotionally distressed”, “transitional care”, etc. are of great help to improve patients’ cognitive ability and mental state.
In addition to music, the most important element of music therapy is also indispensable for the guidance of a “therapist”. The school provides consulting services for music therapy methods, and provides repertoires and improvisations to prepare students for music therapy after graduation.

Future Career Path

Capilano’s Music Therapy specialty develops wide range of skills and abilities for students, such as, clinical skills, musical talents, self-awareness and professionalism. At the same time, various job opportunities are prepared for graduates. In the music therapy major of Capilano University, hundreds of successful graduates have improved people’s lives through their musical talents.

How to Apply?

  • Enrolled in the two-year Music Diploma of Capilano University, completed the music therapy preparatory course and transferred to the Bachelor of Music Therapy Degree.
  • Meet 45 specific university transfer course credits, and directly enter the Bachelor of Music Therapy Degree

After Graduate Opportunities

The median wage for a music therapist is at $24 per hour and opportunities varies across the provinces.

Source: Music Therapist Median Wage Capilano University Bachelor of Music Therapy

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