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Psychological Counseling is an interdisciplinary field, and it tends to adopt a non-pathological approach to understand and intervene in the difficulties of people and interpersonal relationships. Deepen the understanding of oneself, others and interpersonal relationships, and at the same time deepen the concept of identity formation, health and happiness, build trusting relationships, and promote personal growth.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University, known as KPU. The word Kwantlen comes from the Canadian aboriginal language, meaning “never tired runner”, which also indicates that KPU has always been a progressive public university. KPU has five campuses in Vancouver, Canada, distributed in Richmond and Surrey. , Langley, Cloverdale, Civic Plaza. It provides a wide range of business, art and design courses, and is student-oriented. It is taught in small classes and provides sufficient opportunities for interaction between professors and students. At the same time, there are more than 100 transfer credit courses recognized by UBC and SFU. Each course at KPU combines the academic theory with hands-on experience, allowing students to apply their knowledge to the workplace and the community. While studying university courses at KPU, Students can look for work opportunities on and off campus to subsidize living expenses. After graduation, student will also be eligible to apply for a three-year work visa.

KPU Psychological Counseling Bachelor Degree (Minor)

1. Improving employability upon graduation: Students and employers recognize that learning in psychological counseling enables them to benefit from any field involving cooperation with others (education, criminal justice, healthcare, business, etc.) Knowledge, skills and abilities.

2. Engaged in psychological counseling: KPU Psychological Counseling Bachelor’s degree program prepares students for postgraduate psychological counseling courses in other colleges and universities. (Such as SFU, UBC, TWU, Adler’s psychological counseling graduate courses)

3. Pursuing education as a career: The KPU psychological counseling bachelor’s degree course can be used as educational credits, and the credits can be transferred to, for example, SFU, TWU, UFV. (Please check for the latest information)

Future job opportunities for the psychological counseling major

KPU Psychological Counseling Bachelor Degree (Minor) is a very practical, career replacement include, counseling (mental health, rehabilitation counseling, family counseling, couple counseling, art therapy, etc.), healthcare, education, school counselor, etc. A series of positions in the future usually require further studies such as a master’s or doctoral degree. A bachelor’s degree with a minor in KPU psychological counseling provides a first step for those who desire to pursue these careers.

The median wage for a Psychologist is at $44.10 per hour.

Source: Counselling Median Wage Counsellor

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