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Last week, we reviewed the difficulties in evaluating public education in Canada when the education standard is already high.  How do you determine which school district to go to when most offer excellent education, different course options and the ability to study with Canadians? We recommend evaluating districts based on 5 key factors: Location, Community, Lifestyle, Academic and Elective Program Options, and Support for International Students.  

In our last article, we reviewed how location and lifestyle can have a profound impact on a student’s well-being and academic success.  This week, we’ll dive into how the Richmond community is uniquely qualified to support students new to Canada. 

Richmond – A perfect “soft landing” in Canada 

Richmond is a safe, upper-middle class community only 25 minutes from downtown Vancouver.  Like most cities in Canada, it is very diverse with many different languages spoken in the area.  

Why does this work for students who are looking for an “English” study environment?  The answer is easy! English is the main language of business and schools in Richmond, but having a number of different cultures and languages provides students with additional support when transitioning to life away from their family. Students can often find food that reminds them of home and others to speak to in their native language when they are feeling homesick. Having access to a community that appreciates the difficulties of living in a new culture can also provide the empathy and understanding that results in a happy, successful student.  

Moving to a new country is always a challenge, especially for minors leaving home for the first time.  Having a warm-hearted, welcoming community that can offer occasional comforts from home can be a major advantage that carries over into the classroom.  

Lastly, Richmond students have a long history of academic excellence, and building connections in the community means building connections to the leaders of tomorrow, both in and outside of Canada. 

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