Eggs for Easter? The hunt for Canadian Easter traditions.


As the Spring-time holiday nears, Canada is awash with colourful eggs, chocolate bunnies and beautiful flowers, but where do these eggy traditions come from?

Easter Eggs?

Eggs have been a symbol of new life, fertility, and rebirth throughout many centuries and cultures. In relation to the Christian holiday of Easter, they represent the resurrection of Jesus. Canadians have many egg-tastic traditions to enjoy during this spring holiday.

Easter Egg Hunt

A beloved tradition for children, and playful grown-ups, is the Easter egg hunt. Bright plastic eggs filled with candies are hidden all around the house, garden or even parks! Children then search for the eggs and gather them in their baskets. Once all the eggs have been found, the sweet treats inside can be enjoyed.

Decorating Easter Eggs

A fun house-hold activity is decorating Easter eggs. There is no limit to your imagination here. Start with either hard-boiled eggs, or egg shells (emptied of the whites and yolks) and paint, dye, draw or glue on decorations to make your own colourful spring decor!

Exchanging Chocolate Eggs and Bunnies

Another popular Easter tradition is the gifting of chocolate eggs and bunnies. Bunnies, like eggs, have a long standing history as symbols of spring. Stores offer a wide range of sizes, themes and flavours of chocolate eggs and rabbits to gift to family and friends.

So, enjoy the bounty and beauty of spring with Easter eggs!

Check out our video about Easter in Canada!

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