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If your ideal version of success is to work at one of the world’s largest company, to achieving breakthrough innovations in business, or even change our business model in the 21st century. Kwantlen Polytechnic University, KPU Business School will provide you with all the skills, knowledge and network that you need to achieve this goal. KPU is committed to shaping outstanding entrepreneurs who are ready to set foot on the job after graduation, willing to learn and lead.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University, aslo known as KPU. The word kwantlen comes from the Canadian aboriginal language, meaning “never tired runner”, which also indicates that KPU has always been a public university that strives to make progress. KPU has five campuses in the Vancouver area, located in Richmond, Surrey, Langley, Cloverdale, and Civic Plaza. It provides a wide range of business, art and design courses, and is all student-oriented. All lectures will be taught in small-class size and provides sufficient opportunities for interaction. At the same time, there are more than 100 transfer credit courses recognized by UBC and SFU. Each course of KPU combines academic theory with professional and applied learning, allowing students to apply their knowledge to the workplace and the community. While studying university courses at KPU, students will be offered work opportunities to subsidize their living expenses. After graduation, students will be eligible to applyfor a three-year work visa.

KPU business is well-known, and their business students have won the best overall team gold medal in the BC Business Analogy Award, and the silver medal in the Western Canada Information Engineering Competition. KPU Business School does not only has many practical majors, but also variety of certificates/diplomas, associate degrees/undergraduates, post-undergraduate diplomas, and postgraduate diplomas to choose from. Most majors have Co-op (paid internship) opportunities, and you can apply for them to enter the majors, which will lay a solid foundation for students’ employment after graduation.

If students are eager to earn a higher degree in business, students may wish to consider KPU’s “Post Baccalaureate Diploma”-Post Baccalaureate Diploma. The post-baccalaureate diploma is a feature of Canadian higher education and is a “diploma” between a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. The admission requirement for their post-graduate diplomas are lower than other Master degree at other universities. Here are some recommendation for students to continue their studies or even start their journey at KPU.

Technical Management and Services

This major is designed for students who would like to work at the technical management services department. They will be trained to emerging technical professionals to meet the growing market demand. It requires students to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or technology in applied sciences or information technology. The skills and technical background that students have mastered through professional learning enable them to smoothly start the management of technical business.

One of the characteristics of this profession is to combine the concepts of business management and decision-making management (management and business administration), so as to achieve targeted technical product development, technical services (such as engineering, environmental science, information technology) or operation Manage with the manufacturing environment.

Skills of the Graduates

  • Ability to formulate technical plans or technical service plans (or projects) coordinated with the overall business plan
  • Ability to lead or participate in cross-departmental teams, perform management responsibilities in cost-effective systems, product development or technical services
  • Ability to use his solid professional knowledge to lead a comprehensive technical team in any technology industry, engaged in analysis, decision management and project management
  • Ability to understand the local and global business environment from an ethical point of view. When applying the latest theories and practices, be able to respect social responsibility and focus on sustainable development

Operations and Supply Chain Management

The world has entered an extraordinary era of the fourth industrial revolution. Operation and supply chain management play a decisive role in all business activities. It can fundamentally improve business competitiveness and is the core competence of enterprises. Business organizations depend on the products they produce and the services they provide to survive; every part of it is built around these products and services. Supply chain management includes the management of materials, finances, and information from manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers to end users. As the effective management of transportation and logistics is critical to economic growth, major companies are paying more and more attention to improving their operations and supply chain performance.

Supply chain management is essential for increasing productivity, continuously improving products, services and processes, so as to reduce costs and improve quality while meeting strict social responsibility requirements. Supply chain managers also need to flexibly use and adapt to new technologies that are constantly innovating.

Skills of the Graduates

  • Transportation planning, inventory control, warehouse management, customer service standard formulation and implementation, production process design and reconstruction, procurement strategy formulation and implementation
  • Put forward requirements for technology and information systems, make selections, and develop implementation plans to provide support for operations and supply chain management
  • Deploy effective skills and mature models, tools and technologies to manage service operations
  • Design quality control and productivity improvement systems in the field of operation and supply chain, and organize implementation
  • Evaluate supply chain management strategy from an international perspective

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