How to Become a Digital Marketing Specialist?

In today’s businesses, marketing is a core operation all over the world. Any type of business requires marketing to create awareness in the people and promote their products or services. In traditional days, marketing was focused on offline events, offline promotions, etc. But, in today’s world, as things are moving towards digitalization, there is a vast opportunity for digital marketing in businesses. This new approach of marketing is in demand across the world. Especially, COVID-19 has changed the perspective of the world and the way things function in every organization. Starting from restaurants to multinational corporations, digital marketing is required for their revenue generation. 

It is no different in Canada; it is one of the booming fields in Canada where opportunities related to marketing are increasing across the country. Almost every company today is having a sole department for marketing – small-mid-large sized companies. It is also true that competition is at its peak in this field. 

How to begin your career in Marketing?

Which marketing professional doesn’t know about Philip Kotler, who has been the leader of marketing! However, digitalization has changed the approach of implementation of those concepts that we learned in Philip Kotler’s book. Concepts are not obsolete, but they have taken a new shape of implementing them digitally. 

There are many ways to learn marketing concepts and get hand-on-experience. In Canada, it is important to have a degree where you choose your specialization in Marketing. There are many colleges and universities offering programs in Marketing. Do good research about the universities that have the best prospects in Marketing. Apply for marketing internships during your term breaks while you study or after completion of your graduation. Internships allow you to gain hands-on experience of what you learned in your program. This helps you to apply for full-time marketing jobs in Canada. Ensure that you highlight your marketing experience in your resume while you apply for jobs. 

Some of the top websites you can apply for jobs are:

Career options for Marketing Management:

Job TitleAverage Salary
Marketing Assistant$38,226
Social Media Coordinator$37,725
Public Relations Coordinator$40,532
Market Researcher$54,746
Digital Marketing Manager$63,858


Sometimes employers may demand certain certifications to apply for the respective job even though you have a relevant degree. This is due to the fast-changing technology and the dynamic trends of Google, YouTube, or any other search engine. Hence, it is important to upgrade your skills every year no matter what degree you have in your hand. This applies to any field, not just marketing. 

The top 10 marketing certifications 2021 

  • Certifications from Digital Marketing Institute
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Google Analytics
  • OMCP Digital Marketing
  • Hootsuite Academy certifications
  • Google Ads Marketing
  • YouTube certifications
  • HubSpot certifications
  • Facebook BluePrint Marketing
  • SEMrush SEO

Above are the most trending certifications you can consider to become a leader in Digital Marketing. 

Good luck!


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