Are You Interested in a Career in Sports or want to Become a High School Physical Education Teacher?



Do you like sports? Are you interested in becoming a high school physical education teacher?

The University of Saskatchewan, or USask for short, is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, on the east bank of the beautiful winding South Saskatchewan River. It was established in 1907. Over the past 100 years, the University of Saskatchewan has made ongoing efforts to innovate, develop and grow, making it a research university with solid strength, vitality and creativity.

The ancient campus is recognized as one of the most beautiful campuses in Canada. Here, the classical and traditional, Gothic-style graystone structure buildings complement each other with modern, well-equipped facilities. The combination of ancient and contemporary creates a unique campus atmosphere and creates freshness for students. , An exciting and energetic learning space encourages students to think independently, explore and innovate, and become a reliable young generation.

The Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education Combined Program

The The Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education Combined Program is a 5-year second-degree program jointly provided by the College of Kinesiology / College of Education of the University of Saskatchewan.

In the part of sports anthropology, the leading research focuses on improving athletes’ sports performance, their rehabilitation and the disciplines of sports or physical activity. Students can participate in the physical training programs of top professional athletes and make suggestions for national fitness plan.

Students will also focus on learning in two areas of education;

· Physical education

· One of biology, chemistry, drama, English language and literature, aboriginal studies, mathematics, modern languages, physics, social sciences, social studies, and visual arts.


· Building an academic, social network with students, professors and professionals who share common interests and goals

· Communicating with senior seniors or recent outstanding graduates of USask every week to get more academic guidance and professional improvement.

· Meeting new friends and learning about campus resources

For students who have not yet reached the English entrance requirements of Saskatchewan University can apply by enrolling in the English for Academic Purposes program from the Language Centre.

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