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SAIT equips its students for success in a global marketplace

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) is a leading institute of technology in Canada. SAIT is built on passion – shared by our students, faculty and staff – to shape new worlds as entrepreneurs, leaders and community builders. 

SAIT, which was established in 1916, is the third largest provider of post-secondary education in the province of Alberta. The post-secondary school is renowned for providing outstanding action-based, industry facing education and applied learning that gives students the skills they require to excel in a transforming employment market.

Polytechnic education is distinct and valued among Canada’s post-secondary pathways. SAIT focuses on applied, industry-aligned learning – with real-world experience built into the curriculum. We produce highly employable graduated who are ready to hit the ground with the skills employers demand. 

SAIT is tuned in to the worlds of business, technology and innovation. It prides itself on creating confident, skilled, desirable graduates and its success is reflected through the 90 percent graduate employment rate that its graduates enjoy, and a 95 percent recommendation rate from its alumni.

SAIT offers students various study options to choose from across its eight academic schools that cover areas including hospitality, business, information and communications technologies, energy, construction, health and public safety and tourism, manufacturing and automation and transportation. 

SAIT students excel with hands-on learning through its unique labs and classrooms, benefit from its collaborations with industry partners, and learn from solution-focused research.  

City of Calgary

Calgary is the fourth largest city in Canada and is known for its multiculturalism and friendliness, as well as being one of the country’s economic hubs. It is an exciting, modern city that is regarded as one of the safest places to live and visit in Canada. The city is nestled within an area of great natural beauty near Banff and the Canadian Rocky Mountains and offers unparalleled access to a range of outdoor pursuits ranging from hiking to cycling, and skiing to fishing. 

SAIT is a global institution, hosting students from over 97 countries on an annual basis. SAIT’s focus is on providing education of highest quality, from a stunning campus in Calgary, Canada which is equipped with world-class facilities, amenities, and a supportive faculty – SAIT


SAIT is proud to excel across several key areas. Impressively, SAIT’s School of Hospitality and Tourism is ranked 21st by the CEO World Magazine, and 29th by QS rankings; it is the only Canadian school on the lists. 

SAIT itself is a fantastic employer, ranking within the top 75 employers in Alberta in 2020 and offering fantastic academic and other learning benefits to its many staff. 

In addition to SAIT’s global recognition, the city of Calgary was recently rated the fifth most livable city in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit (and number one in North America). In fact, Calgary has been ranked among the top five for the last 10 years. 

At the post-secondary level, the country of Canada ranks first among the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries in the proportion of adults with the equivalent of college and university education.

Department structure

SAIT hosts over a hundred career-oriented programs and over a thousand courses for continuing education. In addition to this, it provides corporate training to over 200 companies every year.

Students attending SAIT are able to complete their studies across eight academic schools. These are: Hospitality and Tourism, Business; Construction; Manufacturing; Automation and Transportation; Energy; Health and Public Safety; and Information and Communications Technologies.

International prospective students are able to undertake a variety of courses, including baccalaureate and applied degrees, as well as diploma or certificate programs.

SAIT’s certificate programs are focused on identifying and delivering education and training that is in tune with the needs of the student’s industry as it develops in real time. These courses are shorter than a diploma program, delivering core skills and abilities at a pace suited to rapidly changing sectors.

SAIT also offers applied degrees, which blend practical training with classroom and theory-based education. These are typically two years long and require a minimum of a two-year diploma from a recognized post-secondary institution in order to undertake this program of study.’

These programs of study are unique in comparison to conventional university degrees and deliver benefits far beyond that of a typical college diploma. SAIT’s courses emphasise the huge benefits of applied learning, technological advancements, and direct industry collaboration.

Graduate outcomes

At SAIT, action-focused learning, cutting-edge research and innovative collaboration with leading industry partners means that its students are ready to thrive in a graduate environment once they have completed their studies. The school’s reputation for excellence and prominence as one of Canada’s leading polytechnics means that its graduating students enjoy an employment rate of 90 percent when they leave the institution. In addition to this, is a recommendation rate of over 97 percent from its students, which together make it one of the leading places for enterprising international students to learn.

While global employment markets appear increasingly competitive and fluid, it is clear that a diploma or certificate from SAIT can make a huge difference to a student’s graduate prospects. This evidence of an individual’s commitment to world-class learning and readiness to challenge themselves is the perfect partner to the practical experience and networking opportunities that SAIT can provide.

Teaching quality

SAIT is well known throughout Canada and the world for being an excellent place to gain a qualification which unlocks a world of research and employment opportunities. Whether it’s applied research, corporate training, connecting to business and industry, or more, SAIT’s programs are tailored to provide students with the confidence and skills they require to excel in their chosen career.

Through its provision of excellent laboratories and other specialized facilities, challenging classroom environments, or internships and industry opportunities, SAIT equips its students with a skills-focused education. This, combined with industry exposure and ample networking opportunities, means that SAIT graduates have an invaluable edge in the modern job market.

SAIT is a leader in working with employers to ensure programs teach the skills required in the workplace. SAIT prides itself on its exciting and intelligent collaborations with employers to make sure that its programs and diplomas offer the best skills to students. 

The post-secondary institution is closely linked to a range of industries and innovators across a wide variety of sectors and works directly with them to provide hands-on learning and real-world experience. In addition to this, instructors at SAIT come from the industry they teach in. Besides their education and research interest, the staff at SAIT bring real life experience to student programs. 

Entry requirements

All programs of study at SAIT hold specific requirements for admission that any prospective students must satisfy in order to be admitted to the post-secondary institution. In addition to this, any applicant will need to demonstrate their proficiency in the English Language.

A number of programs at SAIT may allow early admission to prospective students who have attained higher grades than those set out in the admission requirements for that course. Where relevant, details for each course can be found on the program’s admission and selection webpage.

In some cases, departments or programs at SAIT may request supplementary information or additional documentation from applicants in order to determine suitability for a given course of study. This additional evidence may include academic rankings, aptitude tests or interviews.

In situations where applicants do not meet the admission requirements for their desired course, they may consider SAIT’s Academic Upgrading program to boost their achievements in core academic subjects. They may also seek to complete the English Language Foundation program if English is not their first language. To learn more about International Student requirements and opportunities, visit:

Scholarships & funding

Due to its extensive network of donors, alumni and industry partners, SAIT boasts over CAD 5 million in bursaries and awards to its students across 4,200 awards. Awards can be secured by any qualifying SAIT students for a range of activities or requirements, including: academic achievement, financial need, involvement in community or club activities, as well as a number of other areas.

SAIT offers over 4,000 awards to its students. There are four main types of award available:

Entrance – these are available to students who are starting a program. Some of these awards are program-specific while others are more widely applicable.

General – these awards are not tied to specific schools or programs within the university. Each general award has its own criteria.

School or program specific – these awards are available to students who are learning or training through a specific program. The awards can include bursaries, scholarships and prizes.

Government funded: This category of award is provided directly from the Alberta government for students at SAIT.

Student support

SAIT is committed to making sure that all its students have complete and unrestricted access to a wide array of support services throughout their time at the school. The support services available to SAIT students include:

  • Advice for prospective students and those planning to attend SAIT. This includes assistance around admissions, pre-departure advice, on-campus accommodation options and more
  • Guidance for recent arrivals, including International Student Orientation, activities on campus, and additional guidance resources
  • Integration and building connections, including volunteer opportunities, cultural counselling, as well as social and recreational activities
  • Immigration advice, including study permits and visa applications
  • Student development and counselling services
  • Academic coaching, tutoring services, peer mentorship program, co-curricular record 
  • Accessibility services
  • Postgraduate advice, including alumni events

The university excels at ensuring that International Students have everything they need to make the most out of their time at SAIT. The institution works with a number of official agents across the globe to offer assistance to prospective students with applications. These agents are trained by the school itself and are experts in SAIT admissions and processes.

After arrival, students can always visit the SAIT International Centre should they need information or support. This support is available for prospective students all the way through to postgraduates,  whether its immigration advice, academic support or campus signposting. 


A leader in action-based learning, a SAIT education offers practical experience and theoretical knowledge in a real-world context. SAIT’s students benefit from the action-based learning and applied research with industry partners. SAIT’s lasting reputation and close partnerships with industry, government and other post-secondary institutions offer our students the skills and connections they need to succeed in local, national and global economies.

To learn more about your opportunity for a future at SAIT, book an appointment with one of SAIT’s friendly and knowledgeable International Centre recruiters.

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