Have the Best Mother’s Day in 2021


Mom, mumma, mother, mam, there are a lot of name’s for that special lady but only one day (officially) dedicated wholly to her. Mother’s Day is a Canadian Holiday celebrated on the second Sunday of May, this year it’s May 9th! Mother’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the care, love, and efforts of mothers, grandmothers, guardians and carers. Here are the best ways to spread the love this Mother’s Day.

Flowers, Chocolates , and Cards, Oh My!

Traditional Mother’s Day gifts include bouquets of fresh flowers, boxes of chocolates, and kind- hearted cards. Spoil your mother with bounty from your local shops, or engage in another long-standing Mother’s Day tradition and make a gift yourself! Hand-made gifts wrought with love, such as jewellery or crafts, are a hallmark of Mother’s Day tributes.

Go on a “Date”

Another popular Mother’s Day custom is to spend the Sunday as a special day out. Common adventures include a trip to the movie theatre, the park, a cafe or spa!

Home Sweet Home

Some of the best Mother’s Day memories are those made at home. Perfect for a pandemic year! Try serving up breakfast in bed, home-made spa treatments, or cuddling up to watch a movie together.

Get out of the Box

There are so many ways to celebrate the people we call “Mother”. Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be pink and floral. Celebrate in a fashion as unique as your Mother! Great options include, sporting activities, arts and crafts, time in the great outdoors, exploring history museums, and learning something new together!

However you choose to celebrate, we wish you and your’s a wonderful Mother’s Day!


Mother’s Day in Canada:

History of Mother’s Day:

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