How to have a Victorious Victoria Day in 2021


Victoria day is coming up on May, 24th this year. A beacon of summer, celebrating the former Queen of Canada and Britain, expect fireworks, picnics and nice weather across Canada! The holiday long weekend is also a popular time for concerts, festival and sporting events. This year, things may look a little different, but there are still plenty of fun way to celebrate.


Queen Victoria

Victoria Day was first celebrated in 1845, to commemorate Queen Victoria’s birthday. Yes, Victoria, Queen’s of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Did you know Canada used to be a Colony and then a Dominion of England? In fact, while Canada is now an independent nation, it’s a constitutional monarchy in the Commonwealth, with the Queen of the U.K. serving as the Queen of Canada! While Queen Elizabeth’s position in Canada is mostly symbolic, her face still graces our cash and public buildings. On the Monday closest to the 24th of May, we still celebrate the monarchical birthday and fly the Union Jack with the Canadian National Flag.


As Victoria Day often ushers in warmer days, it’s popular to celebrate with parades, picnics and barbecues, beach trips, camping and fireworks. It is also a great time to visit art galleries, historic sites and museums!

With the on-going global pandemic, and many provinces under strict health regulations, Victoria Day will not be celebrated with the same public fanfare of years gone by. Never fear! There are plenty of safe ways to enjoy the holiday this year.

Sunny Days

Get outside and enjoy the warm weather! In most places, you may take in the sun with some fun activities at your local park, as long as you keep to your household bubble.

The long weekend is a great opportunity to try kayaking, rollerblading, stand-up paddle boarding, bike, or take your first brave dip at a local lake or beach.

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Most major firework display for Victoria Day are cancelled this year. However, depending on the province/territory and city you are in, you may be able to add some sparkle to the sky yourself. Consumer firework regulation variety from place to place. Toronto, for example, permits the sale and use of private fireworks on Victoria Day and Canada Day. Add some joyful glitter to your garden’s sky!

Enjoy Festivities, in your P.J.’s!

There is a plethora of virtual celebrations to take part in this Victoria Day! As many festivals, concerts, and events are not going forward in person this year, some have take to the digital world to share their programming. This means opportunities to catch a performance, join a yoga class, take a cooking lessons, or partake in a fascinating lecture right at home. For example, Whistler Go Fest, an annual celebration of outdoor activities, art, music and education, will be held virtually this year. Many of their filmed events, such as painting, gardening, and fitness classes will be free and available all weekend!


However you chose to celebrate, we wish you a happy Victoria Day!

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