What are the educational opportunities in the 5G era?


Everything we connect to this world is presented through “Network,” whether it is directly related to a computer or attached to your mobile phone system through cellular data, the network makes the world work together.

According to a Canadian CWTA Wireless Communications Association report, the annual economic impact of 5G in Canada is expected to reach $40 billion, and 250,000 related jobs will be added by 2026. With the effects of the 5G era on various industries, companies are looking for skilled telecommunications professionals to support this technology.

Have you ever wondered what a telecommunications system technician does?

Telecommunications system technicians are professional technicians who install, maintain and repair telecommunications equipment.

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) British Columbia Institute of Technology provides the necessary support for Telecommunications Systems Technician through vital theoretical learning and rich practical technology.

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Located in Burnaby, Vancouver, BC, Canada, it is a public college that provides applied technology and higher education. BCIT was established in 1964 and is Canada’s largest comprehensive applied science and technology college. Approximately 50,000 students are enrolled each year, with more than 400 majors and directions.

BCIT’s curriculum is highly targeted, providing skills that can work immediately after graduation, and maintaining a high employment rate every year. So, here are the six reasons for choosing BCIT.

  • Unlike standard universities, each class has about 200 students, so it is difficult for students to communicate more with their tutors. In the BCIT class, there are mainly 20 students. For specific majors such as aircraft repair and auto repair, there are only 17 students per class, so you and your tutor can communicate very closely.
  • Professors at BCIT have about ten years of professional work experience. They know what is most lacking in this field and what is most needed to bring this information to students directly. This is why it is easy for BCIT students to find jobs because they are often the people most in need in this field.
  • BCIT courses are mainly in the form of 2 years + 2 years. Students at BCIT can get an undergraduate degree without transferring to other universities.
  • Why is it difficult for BCIT to transfer to other universities? Because BCIT has a lot of courses and more credits.
  • BCIT provides all students with technology that can work immediately after graduation because students already have a lot of professional work experience reserves during school. At the same time, many majors offer internships, and students have already worked in related professional companies before graduation. Naturally, they will have jobs after graduation.
  • There are many mature students in BCIT. Some of them already had a steady job, while some are still pursuing their degrees. BCIT aims at the more professional further study to return to society to find ideal employment.

Telecommunications Systems Technician Diploma

The BCIT Telecommunications System Technician Diploma Course provides practical application training for the telecommunications industry, including 5G, wireless communication, radio frequency, optical fibre, data communication, etc. This course lasts for two years.

The BCIT Telecommunications System Technician Diploma offers two professional directions-Telecommunications Networks and Radio Systems.

Telecommunications Networks

The network is based on a more traditional telecommunications network, which can use telephones at home and use optical fibre networks to bring all our data communications from one city to another.

Radio Systems Radio Systems

Based on the radio communication system, whether police officers use walkie-talkies or GPS positioning via satellites, they are all done through the radio communication system.

BCIT teachers come from this industry, so they have rich practical experience in this industry. These experiences provide students with more pragmatic skills to train students to master the industry standards.

When you complete the BCIT Telecommunications System Technician Diploma, this diploma represents your professional ability and a severe and dedicated attitude. Employers know that BCIT graduates have theoretical knowledge and the latest practical skills and can immediately provide support and contributions to the company.

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