Centennial College List of Program Deliveries for Fall 2021


Fall Delivery at Centennial College may change as it is based on the status of the pandemic in Canada. Centennial College corresponds to the guidelines provided by public health of Canada.

Below are the programs available in Fall Semester 2021.

School of Advancement

Program CodeProgram NameDelivery TypeFirst Semester Available OnlineSYNC or ASYNC
6519English Language LearningONLINESYNC / ASYNC
6616General Arts and Science – EAPONLINESYNC
6700General Arts and ScienceONLINESYNC
6701Liberal ArtsONLINESYNC
6705Liberal ArtsONLINESYNC
6706Liberal ArtsONLINESYNC
6707Liberal ArtsONLINESYNC
6815Pre-Health Sciences PathwayONLINESYNC / ASYNC

School of Communications, Media, Arts and Design

Program CodeProgram NameDelivery TypeFirst Semester Available OnlineSYNC or ASYNC
6429Advanced Television and Film – Script to ScreenHYBRIDSYNC
6404Advertising and Marketing Communications ManagementHYBRIDSYNC
6425Advertising – Creative & Digital StrategyHYBRIDSYNC
6419Advertising – Account ManagementONLINESYNC
6403Advertising – Media ManagementONLINESYNC
6423Animation – 3DONLINESYNC
6409Art and Design FundamentalsHYBRIDSYNC
6426Arts Education and Community EngagementHYBRIDSYNC
6431Arts ManagementHYBRIDSYNC
6401Broadcasting – Radio, Television, Film & Digital MediaHYBRIDSYNC
6424Children’s MediaHYBRIDSYNC
6416Communications and Media FundamentalsHYBRIDSYNC
6440Communications – Professional WritingONLINEASYNC
6443Contemporary JournalismHYBRIDSYNC
6460Dance PerformanceHYBRIDSYNC
6435Digital Visual EffectsONLINESYNC
6421Fine Arts StudioHYBRIDSYNC
6422Game – ArtONLINESYNC
6432Game – DevelopmentONLINESYNC
6420Graphic DesignONLINESYNC
6020Graphic Design (Online)ONLINEASYNC
0617Honours Bachelor of Public Relations ManagementONLINESYNC
6410Interactive Media ManagementHYBRIDSYNC
6010Interactive Media Management (Online)ONLINEASYNC
6436Lifestyle MediaONLINESYNC
1832Museum and Cultural ManagementONLINESYNC
6450Music Industry Arts and PerformanceHYBRIDSYNC
6400Performing Arts FundamentalsHYBRIDSYNC
3517Product Design and DevelopmentHYBRIDSYNC
6417Public Relations – Corporate CommunicationsONLINESYNC
6438Publishing – Book, Magazine and ElectronicONLINEASYNC
6430Television & Film – BusinessHYBRIDSYNC
6470Theatre Arts and PerformanceHYBRIDSYNC

School of Community and Health Studies

Program CodeProgram NameDelivery TypeFirst Semester Available OnlineSYNC or ASYNC
1235Addiction and Mental Health WorkerHYBRIDSYNC / ASYNC
9260Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) Collaborative Nursing Degree FallHYBRIDSYNC/
1205Child and Youth CareONLINESYNC/
1232Community and Child Studies FoundationsIN-PERSONSYNC
1206Community and Justice ServicesHYBRIDSYNC
1230Community Development WorkONLINESYNC / ASYNC
1207Developmental Services WorkerHYFLEXSYNC / ASYNC
1201Early Childhood Education (Ashtonbee Campus)ONLINESYNC/
1221Early Childhood Education (Progress Campus)ONLINESYNC/
9320Fitness and Health PromotionHYBRIDSYNC/
1620Food Service WorkerONLINESYNC
9158Healthcare Environmental Services ManagementONLINESYNC
9310Health Studies and Communications SkillsONLINESYNC/
5110Massage TherapyHYBRIDSYNC/
5115Massage Therapy – CompressedHYBRIDSYNC/
1607Nutrition and Food Service ManagementONLINESYNC
9151Occupational Therapist Assistant & Physiotherapist AssistantHYBRIDSYNC/
9111Personal Support WorkerHYBRIDSYNC/
5850Pharmacy TechnicianHYBRIDSYNC/
1250Police FoundationsONLINESYNC / ASYNC
9350Practical NursingHYBRIDSYNC / ASYNC
9351Practical Nursing (Flexible)1A: ONLINE
1B: ✖
9352Practical Nursing for Internationally Educated NursesHYBRIDSYNC/
1260Pre-Service Firefighter Education and TrainingHYBRIDSYNC / ASYNC
1202Recreation and Leisure ServicesHYBRIDSYNC
7993RPN to BScN Bridging to University Program Online HybridHYBRIDSYNC/
1203Social Service WorkerHYBRIDSYNC
1213Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion (Morningside Campus)ONLINESYNC

School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science

Program CodeProgram NameDelivery TypeFirst Semester Available OnlineSYNC or ASYNC
3721Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering TechnicianHYBRIDSYNC
3722Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
3101Architectural TechnicianONLINESYNC
3606Architectural Technician (Online)ONLINEASYNC
3105Architectural Technology (Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC
3115Architectural Technology (Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC
3125Architectural Technology (Fast-Track)(Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC
3135Architectural Technology (Fast-Track)(Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC
3607Architectural Technology (Optional Co-op) (Online)ONLINEASYNC
3608Architectural Technology (Fast-Track) (Optional Co-op) (Online)ONLINEASYNC
0131Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer and Communication Networks), HonoursONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3407Biomedical Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
3417Biomedical Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
3427Biomedical Engineering Technology (Fast-Track) (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
3437Biomedical Engineering Technology (Fast-Track) (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
3621Biotechnology (Fast-Track)HYBRIDSYNC
3602Biotechnology – AdvancedHYBRIDSYNC
3612Biotechnology – Advanced (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
3622Biotechnology – Advanced (Fast-Track)HYBRIDSYNC
3632Biotechnology – Advanced (Fast-Track) (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
3642Biotechnology – Advanced (Fast-Track)HYBRIDSYNC
3630Construction Project Management (Online)ONLINEASYNC
3218Computer Repair and MaintenanceONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3404Computer Systems Technician – NetworkingONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3424Computer Systems Technician – Networking (Fast-Track)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3405Computer Systems Technology – Networking (Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3415Computer Systems Technology – Networking (Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3425Computer Systems Technology – Networking (Fast-Track) (Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3435Computer Systems Technology – Networking (Fast-Track) (Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3130Construction Project ManagementONLINEASYNC
3224CybersecurityONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3822Electrical Engineering TechnicianHYBRIDSYNC
3832Electrical Engineering Technician (Fast-Track)HYBRIDSYNC
3823Electrical Engineering TechnologyHYBRIDSYNC
3833Electrical Engineering Technology (Fast-Track)HYBRIDSYNC
3205Electronics Engineering TechnicianHYBRIDSYNC
3206Electronics Engineering TechnologyHYBRIDSYNC
3216Electronics Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
3220Electronics Engineering Technician SamsungHYBRIDSYNC
3221Electronics Engineering Technician (Fast-Track)HYBRIDSYNC
3222Electronics Engineering Technology (Fast-Track) (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
3232Electronics Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) (Fast-Track)HYBRIDSYNC
4105Electromechanical Engineering Technician – Automation and RoboticsHYBRIDSYNC
4106Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology – Automation and RoboticsHYBRIDSYNC
4125Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician – Automation and Robotics (Fast-Track)HYBRIDSYNC
4126Electromechanical Engineering Technology – Automation and Robotics (Fast Track)HYBRIDSYNC
3755Energy Systems Engineering TechnicianHYBRIDSYNC
3756Energy Systems Engineering TechnologyHYBRIDSYNC
3757Energy Systems Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
3775Energy Systems Engineering Technician (Fast-Track)HYBRIDSYNC
3776Energy Systems Engineering Technology (Fast Track)HYBRIDSYNC
3777Energy Systems Engineering Technology (Fast Track) (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
3432Environmental Technician (Fast-Track) (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
4201Environmental TechnicianHYBRIDSYNC
4221Environmental Technician (Fast-Track)HYBRIDSYNC
4202Environmental TechnologyHYBRIDSYNC
4212Environmental Technology (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
4222Environmental Technician (Fast-Track)HYBRIDSYNC
4232Environmental Technician (Fast-Track) (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
3620Food Science TechnologyHYBRIDSYNC
3623Food Science Technology (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
3631Food Science Technology (Fast Track) (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
3633Food Science Technology (Fast-Track) (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
3109Game – Programming (Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3119Game – Programming (Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3129Game – Programming (Optional Co-op) (Fast Track)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3139Game – Programming (Optional Co-op) (Fast Track)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3609Game – Programming (Online)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3679Game – Programming (Fast Track) (Online)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3508Health Informatics TechnologyONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3518Health Informatics Technology (Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3528Health Informatics Technology (Fast-Track)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3538Health Informatics Technology (Fast-Track) (Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3668Health Informatics Technology (Online)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3678Health Informatics Technology (Fast-Track) (Online)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3825Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning TechnicianHYBRIDSYNC
3701Mechanical Engineering Technician – DesignHYBRIDSYNC
3703Mechanical Engineering Technology – Design (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
3704Mechanical Engineering Technology – Industrial (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
3735Mechanical Engineering Technology – Design (Fast Track)HYBRIDSYNC
3747Mechanical Engineering Technology – Industrial (Fast Track)HYBRIDSYNC
3506Medical Laboratory TechnicianHYBRIDSYNC
3223Mobile Applications DevelopmentONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3226Mobile Applications Development (Online)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3408Software Engineering TechnicianONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3468Software Engineering Technician (Online)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3478Software Engineering Technician (Fast-Track) (Online)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3409Software Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3428Software Engineering Technician (Fast-Track)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3419Software Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3429Software Engineering Technology (Fast-Track) (Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3439Software Engineering Technology (Fast-Track) (Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3469Software Engineering Technology (Online)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3479Software Engineering Technology (Fast-Track) (Online)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3402Software Engineering Technology – Artificial Intelligence (Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3472Software Engineering Technology – Artificial Intelligence (Fast Track) (Online)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3412Software Engineering Technology – Artificial Intelligence (Fast Track) (Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3422Software Engineering Technology – Artificial Intelligence (Fast Track) (Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3432Software Engineering Technology – Artificial Intelligence (Fast Track) (Optional Co-op)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3462Software Engineering Technology – Artificial Intelligence (Online)ONLINESYNC / ASYNC
3002Technology Foundations (ICET)HYBRIDSYNC

School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts

Program CodeProgram NameDelivery TypeFirst Semester Available OnlineSYNC or ASYNC
1823Baking and Pastry Arts Management (Winter)HYBRIDSYNC
1873Baking and Pastry Arts Management (Online)ONLINEASYNC
1810Baking SkillsHYBRIDSYNC
1860Baking Skills (Online)ONLINEASYNC
1822Culinary ManagementHYBRIDSYNC
1861Culinary Management (Online)ONLINEASYNC
1812Culinary SkillsHYBRIDSYNC
1862Culinary Skills (Online)ONLINEASYNC
1831Event ManagementHYBRIDSYNC
1835Event Management (Online)ONLINEASYNC
1838Event PlanningHYBRIDASYNC
1839Event PlanningONLINEASYNC
1808Food and Beverage Management – Restaurant OperationsHYBRIDASYNC
1868Food and Beverage Management – Restaurant Operations (Online)ONLINEASYNC
1833Food MediaONLINESYNC
1834Food TourismONLINESYNC
1805Hospitality and Tourism AdministrationONLINEASYNC
1867Hospitality – Hotel Operations Management (Online)ONLINEASYNC
1807Hospitality – Hotel Operations ManagementHYBRIDASYNC
1819Hospitality SkillsHYBRIDASYNC
1869Hospitality Skills (Online)ONLINEASYNC
1830Hotel, Resort and Restaurant ManagementONLINESYNC

School of Transportation

Program CodeProgram NameDelivery TypeFirst Semester Available OnlineSYNC or ASYNC
8120Airframe AssemblyIN-PERSONSYNC
8405Auto Body Repair TechniquesHYBRIDSYNC
8406Auto Body Repair TechnicianHYBRIDSYNC
8210Automotive Parts & Service Operations (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDSYNC
8226Automotive Service Technician Co-op partnered with TADA and FCAHYBRIDSYNC
8202Automotive – Motive Power TechnicianHYBRIDSYNC
8112Aviation Technician – Aircraft MaintenanceHYBRIDSYNC
8113Aviation Technician – Avionics MaintenanceHYBRIDSYNC
8312Aviation Technology – Aircraft Maintenance & ManagementHYBRIDSYNC
8313Aviation Technology – Avionics Maintenance & ManagementHYBRIDSYNC
8208Motive Power FundamentalsHYBRIDSYNC
8403Motorcycle and Powersports Product Repair TechniquesHYBRIDSYNC
8207Trades Foundations – Motive PowerHYBRIDSYNC
8214Truck and Coach – Motive Power TechnicianHYBRIDSYNC
8215Truck and Coach – Motive Power TechnicianHYBRIDSYNC
VariousAll intakes of apprenticeship training for transportation tradesHYBRIDSYNC

The Business School

Program CodeProgram NameDelivery TypeFirst Semester Available Fully OnlineSYNC or ASYNC
2308Business (Online)ONLINEBOTH
2801Business AccountingHYBRIDBOTH
2381Business – Accounting (Online)ONLINEBOTH
2435Business Administration – Accounting (3 Semesters)HYBRIDBOTH
2493Business Administration – Finance (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDBOTH
2709Business Administration – Human Resources (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDBOTH
2406Business Administration – Leadership and Management (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDBOTH
2403Business Administration – Marketing (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDBOTH
2868Business Analytics and InsightsONLINESYNC
2867Business Analytics and Insights – Canadian ContextONLINESYNC
2022Business Foundations (Online)ONLINEBOTH
2122Business FoundationsHYBRIDBOTH
2809Business – International BusinessHYBRIDBOTH
2305Business – Marketing (Online)ONLINEBOTH
2805Business – MarketingHYBRIDBOTH
2506Business – Supply Chain and OperationsHYBRIDBOTH
2470Court Support ServicesHYBRIDBOTH
2460Fashion Business and ManagementONLINESYNC
2843Financial PlanningHYBRIDBOTH
2383Financial Services (Online)ONLINEBOTH
2483Financial ServicesHYBRIDBOTH
2880Global Business Management (Fall Start)HYBRIDBOTH
2380Global Business Management (Online)ONLINEBOTH
2360Human Resources Management (Optional Co-op) (Online)ONLINEASYNC
2861Human Resources Management (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDBOTH
2859International Business ManagementHYBRIDBOTH
2359International Business Management (Online)ONLINEBOTH
2895International Development (Optional Co-op)ONLINEBOTH
2896International Development (Optional Co-op)ONLINEBOTH
2890Insurance ManagementHYBRIDBOTH
2846Marketing – Corporate Account Management (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDBOTH
2046Marketing – Corporate Account Management (Optional Co-op) (Online)ONLINEBOTH
2849Marketing – Digital Engagement Strategy (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDBOTH
2825Marketing ManagementHYBRIDBOTH
2335Marketing Management (Online)ONLINEBOTH
2845Marketing – Research and Analytics (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDBOTH
2606Office Administration – ExecutiveHYBRIDBOTH
2006Office Administration – Executive (Online)ONLINEBOTH
2701Office Administration – GeneralHYBRIDBOTH
2001Office Administration – General (Online)ONLINEBOTH
2603Office Administration – Health ServicesHYBRIDBOTH
2003Office Administration – Health Services (Online)ONLINEBOTH
2602Office Administration – LegalHYBRIDBOTH
2002Office Administration – Legal (Online)ONLINEBOTH
2570Paralegal – Court and Tribunal AgentIN-PERSONN/A
2528Project ManagementHYBRIDBOTH
2328Project Management (Online)ONLINEBOTH
2841Strategic ManagementONLINEBOTH
2844Strategic Management – Accounting SpecializationONLINEASYNC
2344Strategic Management – Accounting Specialization (Online)ONLINEASYNC
2862Supply Chain Management – Logistics (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDBOTH
2864Supply Chain Management – Logistics (Optional Co-op)HYBRIDBOTH
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